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Masslottery Exposed — You Can’t Play Lotteries Online – This is Not Mass Lotteries! is not a site to play lotteries online, but an information site advertising lottery games that can be played by purchasing tickets at retailers, locations of retailers and other information. It does offer one way to play online lotteries through another site it is associated with but this VIP section is not easily apparent. is owned and operated by the Massachusetts State Lottery in the USA.

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What is Masslottery?

Unlike its name this is not mass lotteries. advertises Massachusetts lotteries that are available over the counter from retailers. The site offers information on 6 lotteries, 1 Horse Race betting, and 1 Keno plus instant scratch cards. Top prizes for the main draw, the Mega Millions, often exceeds $50 million. All of the lotteries are based in Massachusetts. – Not a Place to Play Online is not the place to play online lotteries and only provides information on lottery games in Massachusetts and locations of agents around the State to purchase lottery tickets. There is a link to a VIP Club (top of the page) which send emails for results of their lotteries, lottery news, member polls and second chance drawings.

Masslottery Customer Support

Customer Support at is through email, telephone and snail mail. The thing to remember is there is no real need for customer support as this is an ‘information only site’ hence no payment options and very little to complain about. Well that is, if you take exception to how busy their site is. Information is crammed into the space. There are articles about different sporting events, announcements, scores and other information all over the place. Complaints

Some players complained that they had to wait 6 years for other players to join in due to the low popularity of one of the Instant Games. The game requires 560 winners be able to cash in on the $10 million prize pool [].

Other Problems for

There was a site ( – looks pretty official eh) that sent out what looked like official emails announcing that you won a prize of $30,000. What made this site look official was it provided a user name and password. The intro-email stated before you received your prize a tax had to be paid.  Click on the web site and it would ask for personal information in order to secure the charges and would almost inevitably lead to identity theft []. It has subsequently been taken down, but this is a good reminder to be very careful when sharing online your personal or credit card details.

Would you mind rating – The Bottom Line is simply an information site. If anyone would like to read about lotteries in the State of Massachusetts, this is the place to go. If you happen onto their VIP Membership section and link into the online lotteries, there is no information available until after you register. Most people would not waste the time to go through the registration process not knowing what they are getting into or what the site has to offer! It definitely isn’t in competition with online lottery sites that provide access to actual lottery tickets.


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Only Massachusetts Lotteries

This site gets neither a thumbs up or thumbs down. It’s just there for information though even that isn’t presented in a real, user friendly manner.

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