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Lotto Rocket 649 PRO Exposed — How Much It Actually Costs?

Lotto Rocket 649 PRO

Lotto Rocket 649 PRO – Wheeling to Win?

One of the things I will give Lotto Rocket 649 PRO credit for is the recommendation on their web site not to try not and change your lottery strategy with each new draw. Some people believe in quick pics. Some people play their favorite numbers weekly. Most people chose a particular lottery or lotteries to play regularly. Then, there are the mathematicians who believe in wheeling. That’s what Lotto Rocket 649 PRO software is. It’s a software program that uses wheels to play lotteries. Let’s look further.

Wheeling and Lotto Rocket 649 PRO

Lotto Rocket 649 Pro is supposed to be an intelligent lotto wheel generator program that uses historic statistical date of lottery results. It offers a combination of different number combinations for different lotteries. This also includes a Lottery Intelligent Random Generator. Wheeling is using past lottery results to predict numbers that are more likely to be chosen. There are different arguments on whether it actually works or not but most agree that this really only works if you buy more tickets.

Looking further into Lotto Rocket 649 PRO, it seems that it only works for 6/49 lotteries with or without a bonus number. I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot of these internationally, but I do find it curious that this isn’t til a person gets quite a bit further down on their web page.

Lotto Rocket 649 PRO Complaints

The software design is juvenile with a messy banner and lots of places to click to go play lotteries. It really made me start to wonder whether they wanted players to simply play lotteries versus they wanted their software sold.

One complain that I have and probably anyone interested in purchasing this software would also express is the fact that they don’t say anywhere how much Lotto Rocket actually costs. They simple say go straight to download.

Is Lotto Rocket 649 PRO Worth your Money?

Funny you should ask that. If the developers would’ve made it clear how much the application actually costs, it would’ve been easier to answer that question. Don’t worry though because even with nothing more than suppositions and educated guesses I can still provide you with an answer. To determine the worth of a lottery software you need to decide first what is it good for. I think that Edwin Starr already gave the best possible answer, in his song “War (what is it good for)”.

The answer obviously is “Absolutely nothing” – that’s what he said and I couldn’t agree more. While I have bashed their lack of professionalism and outdated graphics, terrible presentation skills and application, I give Lotto Rocket 649 PRO a thumbs-up for fairness. They don’t require any upfront payment and offer their application for free, at least for a limited period of time so that prospective customers can put it to the test. I do doubt that many will turn into subscribers at the end of the trial period.

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Our Unbiased Conclusion

Even if I was trying to market a product that I know for a fact couldn’t actually influence the chance to win a lottery, I think that I could do better. I got the feeling that Lotto Rocket 649 PRO doesn’t even try  to actually sell their software. Maybe their wheeling and dealing to win is actually another game.

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