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Europeanlottery Exposed — The Place for Playing EuroMillions Versus ILS is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the different lottery sites that International Lottery Subscriptions (ILS) offers. ILS packages different lotteries under their own individual site address. That means is the site for playing EuroMillions – and only EuroMillions. Want to know more? Let’s look.

The Game at

This is an online lottery service provider that offers one lottery – EuroMillions. Well, that is what we first thought. Click on “play now” and not only does the game boards for purchasing EuroMillions come up, but there is an add-on bit of info asking if you want to play US Mega Millions. This includes an update on what the mega jackpot is worth for the next draw. Remember to ‘unclick’ the little box if you are not interested! does not offer syndicates, but do offer subscriptions (multiple draw purchases).

ILS and Winning says that 100% of any prize are all yours. They say that the charge per ticket includes all processing costs and fees for transferring your winnings and they will do this in any currency you choose. What makes me a little twitchy is the fact there is no mention of taxes. Okay – EuroMillions paid out in Ireland is tax free, but what about tickets purchased in Spain? What about winning US Mega Millions where federal tax is definitely applicable though state tax might not depending on where the ticket(s) were purchased.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions at is pretty straight forward and they don’t mess around with long, rambling dictionaries on what each of the terms legally means. The funny thing is, it is so straightforward I got the feeling I was missing something. ILS mirrors the terms and conditions on all their sites, including, and what appears to be their parent site – there are more but we’ll stop here. What did drive me nuts on their multiple sites is the little “El Gordo” reminder that continually popped up! I already have my tickets – thank you!

Who is Europeanlottery?

This site is owned by International Lottery Subscriptions which is based in Dublin, Ireland. They have a snail mail address, online form, email address and phone number. There is no answering machine on their phone number which isn’t really professional. How hard is it to have a machine at the very least confirming who they are and when their office hours are. Their live chat when not online opens a message support that is actually and not Maybe that’s the telephone message answer – with so many sites all linking back to this customer service number, which one would they say they are?

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The Bottom Line

If you simply want to play EuroMillions just don’t forget to uncheck the little box that automatically also adds US Mega Millions. If you want to play Mega Millions, I would suggest going elsewhere or at the very least, ILS’s parent site where you can actually choose your tickets.


Simple T&C

No Fees/Commissions on Winning



Only One Lottery

Only Business Hours Customer Service

Taxes? doesn’t get a thumbs up or thumbs down. There is nothing that indicates it is suspicious, but – yes the but – why anyone would play on a single lottery site is beyond me.

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