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Lottery Destroyer

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Destroy Your Odds with The Lottery Destroyer For A Cup of Starbucks Coffee! But Does It Really Work? Here’s What We Dug Out.

Lottery Destroyer

The Lottery Destroyer for a Cup of Starbucks Coffee

You don’t have a job? Play the lottery. Want to be rich? Play the lottery. Want to earn fame and popularity? Play the lottery! Playing the lottery has become such a popular norm in today’s generation that more and more people decide to yank out their precious dollar bills for lottery tickets. Why so, you say? Lottery lovers love the idea of hanging on to their dreams while they pick up papers probably worth a fortune. Now some time ago, the world of lottery received a programmed messiah, a promise to let you taste the jackpot if you offer it the aromatic taste of a Starbucks coffee. Yeah, I know its sarcasm and it’s weird, but hey, who doesn’t like a Starbucks coffee?

However, let me warn you beforehand, nothing and no one can control luck. Without getting too religious here, in a nutshell, all systems out there are not worth it. Although I would have received a big fat check for promoting lotto systems, I’m not going to do it! So be prepared for some honest reviews because I’m not going to let you waste your money over a system that’s not going to help you in any way!

The Lottery Destroyer Software – Hype or Real?

Okay, so what is this all about? This is about the lottery destroyer software created by Mike Bennett, a streetwise computer geek who studied the algorithms of lottery numbers for 8 long years! For that duration, he literally looked at all past drawn numbers, popular and unpopular numbers. He developed the lottery destroyer software based on his experience with the odds and probability of lottery numbers! Okay, so what’s so special about the program, you ask? Apart from the fact that it costs $39.99 per month, for any lottery game, and it is accessible 365 days a week, nothing. Wait, I didn’t say that, but I know who did! Take a look at one of the reviews below;
Lottery Destroyer review

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Honest Opinion Because Honesty Is Policy!

After stumbling on that review, we decided to take a better look; after all, everyone (thing) deserves a second chance! We personally checked with people using the lottery destroyer and a majority said that they were better without it, that it rarely helps in winning anything, let alone the jackpot. Wait, what was that? Yep, you invest $39.99 in lottery destroyer software that’s going to crunch out numbers that won’t even help you reimburse your lottery tickets! But there’s always something good in everything bad, isn’t it? The only good reviews for the lottery destroyer software come from its affiliates and why not, they want their commission. This makes it clear that all the good reviews are hogwash because they are by affiliates and not real people using them. Here’s what another user had to say:

Lottery Destroyer Forum Review

Did you know that in 2013’s best winning lottery systems, the lottery destroyer software system was not even voted to be entered in the official poll results? This clearly means that real people who play the lottery didn’t even consider it worth enough to buy or evaluate. But there were others who asked whether:


That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? The bottom line is that these lottery software make money by setting up affiliates (to good mouth the product, whether they have personally used it or not) and by collectively selling you junk that promises you the world, but you end up getting nothing. The question is how do they manage to make products like this? Well, awesome marketing and careful wording may be the reason why this lottery software gained some popularity.

Concluding the Lottery Destroyer Software

Absolutely nothing and no one can ever tell you which number you should pick; based on your horoscope, astrology, numerology, sun signs and moon signs and feet size or the number of hairs you have on your head and so on. Nobody can do that and that’s that. All this software really does is to put you in a position where you feel that you ride your luck. So in my opinion, the lottery destroyer software is more hype and nonsense and less practical and authentic. It combines the popular and unpopular numbers with your favorite or lucky numbers, blindfolds you and asks you to aim at the jackpot! It doesn’t make sense and it won’t increase your chances of winning so get over it. Don’t even think of wasting your $5 on a 5-day trial!

Overall rating for Lottery Destroyer: Bad 1.4 from 0-5
Based on 31 reviews
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