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Using the fortune Zack and Niki uncovered in Egypt, Zack, with help from extraterrestrials, resurrected Zack Island and renamed it New Zack Island.

He then sends out fake invitations to the new Dead or Alive tournament to lure the girls over, although only Hitomi fell for the same trick twice, as the others had come over for their own reasons besides the tournament.

Because of this, Helena gave her first place title to him.

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After watching the explosion in shock and disbelief, he turns around to find Bayman who immediately confronts Zack. When Helena activated the building’s self-destruct and attempted suicide by staying inside the building, Zack was the only fighter able to get to her.

Having his extraction pilot fly through the blazing tritowers, he pull her from the roof she was standing on seconds before the building’s detonation.

He also meets Leon, who seems to know him, but Zack claims that he doesn't know the man at all (and pulls the same mirror insult on Leon that Tina did.) After the tournament, Zack once again succeeded in this task and returned to his life of leisure.

After exhausting all his financial reserves, Zack entered the third tournament to earn more money so that he can enjoy a Las Vegas vacation.

He also earns a high enough ranking in the tournament to gain a prize of significant monetary value.

Zack entered the next tournament to please his fans and gain more money.

He then sent out invitations to all the previous female contestants of the Dead or Alive tournament (as well as someone who wasn't previously a participant) that indicated that a new tournament was going to be held there.

However, when they got there, they discovered the entire thing was a hoax.

During the tournament, he has to fight Gen Fu, who wants the prize money to pay off his granddaughter's hospital fees.

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