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Manhattan Zumba instructor Shari Katz, 29, had no idea she and a friend were being filmed — and tested — to see how far they would go when a stranger approached them in Madison Square Park last week and asked for a hug.

Life-saving indications to look out for Brooke Ann Higgins, who was accused of plotting a Columbine-like assault on her Colorado high school last year, admitted guilt to the horrific crime on Tuesday.

Gruesome details of the attack revealed The recent shift in energy encourages you to run a full self-evaluation review, both inside and out.

All your life experiences thus far combine to make up an essential part of your inner world.

The Sun's entry into solid Capricorn today sheds light on your 4th House of Foundations, asking you to...

As sexy as the current print ads (and just as slick), this site is packed with absolutely everything you need to know about the brand: collection photos, background info, where to shop directory and more.

While Hillary Clinton won the final 2016 election popular vote, President-elect Donald Trump says winning the Electoral College is 'much more difficult.' Tactic he says led to Hillary's demise The Farmers' Almanac is predicting another big-snow winter for parts of the U.S., so you may want to consider these warm cities for a quick, sunny getaway.Destination that won't break the bank Stroke warnings are easy to overlook if you're not careful, resulting in grave health effects -- so it's imperative to learn these frequently missed signals.The Sun's shift into your sign is like the beginning of your personal new year. The time has come when the longest night of the year compels you to go inside and stare into the deep reflecting pool that is your mind.The Sun's move into strategic Capricorn lights up your 3rd...This high energy site is about the designer's Pleats Please and although some of the site is still under construction, there are product images and info, news and store listings available. Product photos, where-to-buy info, Jewel, Britney Spears and more in this mix of music and fashion.

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