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Civil War General in full uniform Surnames: Ross Locations: New Jersey, New York Civil War Era Derr Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites), daguerotypes and tintypes, circa 1855-1870. Hanchette CDVs & tintypes Surnames include Hanchette, Bissell, Sigmund, Warren, Hirradale?

Michigan, North Norwich Ontario, Cheltenham England, Exeter, Aldeburgh, Torquay, Brantford Ontario, Montreal Quebec, Detroit Michigan, Bucklan, London England, Plymouth, Notting Hill, Newton Abbot, Cornhill, Penrith Skinner Family Scotland and Ontario [46 photos]Surnames include Skinner, Brown, Smith, Yemen, Welsh, Wallace, Cousins, Pugsley, Wilson, Young, Scroggie, Locations include Brantford Ontario, St. Some are Quakers Surnames: Maulsby, Edwards, Huddle, Love, Coates, Davis, Babcock, Hillman, Culin, Ford, Yarrow, Sackett Locations: Pennsylvania, New Jersey Santelman Steffanhagen Family Photo Album 1880s-1890s Wine Coloured Velvet Album with Oval Metal Insert on Cover - mainly Cabinet Cards with some earlier tintypes.

There are 46 identified photo slots in this album but only 33 photos in the album.

Includes 2 photos of Civil War Soldiers Surnames: Fobes, Tucker, Curtis, Gilbert, Peabody, Spear, Blake, Mansfield, Bassett, Botton, Williston, Nilliston, Kimbal, Daniels, Sutherland, Schaffner, Keith, Towne, Low, Wilder, Holden, Whitemore Locations: Massachusetts, New York, Illinois Civil War Era Remley Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites), dated 1864.

Two Civil War Officer photos Surnames: Remley, Mc Crim, Cunningham, Broadwell, Rider, Traylor, Igasham?

Past Voices Letters from 1800s - from Civil War soldiers, from wives to husbands, sons to mothers, sisters to sisters.

Olive Tree Genealogy now has a fantastic photograph collection on her Lost Faces website.

She has over 50 photo albums with over 2500 photos dating back to before the Civil War.

If you find an ancestor you can purchase a photographic reproduction of any of the photos from the albums. Some of the photos from the 1850s and 1860s are of people born in the 1700s.

Surnames: Santelman, Steffanhager, Steffanhagen, Koehn, Pigorzs, Landivehr?

, Gohrke, Grimm, Algrihm, Koch, Berlin Locations: Minnesota, Illinois, Wightman Patee Family Photo Album contains early tintypes (ca 1860), CDV (Cartes de Visite) ca 1860-1870 and later cabinet cards. Surnames: Pattee, Newton, Wightman, Bushnell, Fidler, Noyes, Heath, Deane, Newton, Hurlbut, Gross, Bingham, Wheeler, Smith, Ballard Locations: Vermont, New York purchased May 2006 Civil War Era Coon Chapin Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites), circa 1860 & 1870s.

Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes?

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