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Nikky relives the naughty n raunchy fuck they had which was described in part one of the story with Mr X and while she jerks away using a pussy massager and also tells him how naughty she is when we go out and dresses up naughty to expose her legs n up skirt view to people in the mall and sales boys.

They also try n discuss about a naughty massage session she had in Delhi unplanned at a massage parlor (a small blog about that also coming up by the way hehe) and c proposes to him how about a couple cross sex massage together where both of them r getting pleased together in the same room.

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I moved from Chennai to Bangalore after my marriage with my wife. After few months I got shocked when I discovered that my wife is fucking with my friend and some of his other friends.

HOT AND RAUNCHY PHONE SEX CHAT OF NIKKY WITH MR X Before we post the hot part 2 of the series involving nikky and my friend Mr X, WELL I thought let me share a raunchy Ph chat they had when I was away on office trip to pune.

It is about, how I recorded my aunty having an affair with uncle's friend and later used it to blackmail her to open her legs for me.

This part contains, aunty showing her look in new gifted saree to her lover and which lead to hot steaming sex for my record.He found the idea very hot and also tried to lure her into going into his hotel room towards the end lol.This clip also fulfills a long standing demand of a lot of fans who wanted to hear nikky talk naughty n dirty in a conversation.It combines normal and naughty chat along with her oohs n aahs.Hy friend we need really talented girls and boys as editors...will select depending on the quality of memes and trolls..if u want a chance to work here.send some super erotic memes u created with ur logo......the best ones will be our new editors....girls are also requested to participate...Through Hidden Peak Capital, we make controlling investments in service or light-manufacturing companies with revenues up to MM and EBITDA margins greater than 10%.

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