Nude webcam dating sites - Xdating com kitra

Pretty well established casual dating site and it has been around for a while.

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In my experience the men to women ratio is one of the best available thanks to the fact that they have a nice PR and commercial budget and so can target females pretty effectively.

I work in IT myself so I can say with confidence that in terms of functionality the site is also pretty damn good.

Be patient, be creative and maybe you will be lucky? They are a massive company, make no mistake, and have been around for longer than most.

There are certainly real girls here, maybe not as many as one of the more fashionable sites like Hookup, but still plenty to choose from.

I know people who simple use a dating site more often just because they like the interface a little more. And I have been using Xdating for a week now without meeting someone yet.

Some others want to have an excellent customer support. I'd still rate this site 4 out of 5 because I can tell there are a few nice chicks on it.

I got messages but when u reply back you'll never hear from them again and if you get an email in there reply its just scammers fishing for more info. Its not all bad, the site has its moments and some of the chicks are hot but would be better to use a site that lets u chat and meet in the same night than chatting and then waiting ages for replies that may never come.

Must be better options for getting your end away than this.

But when choosing one to go with you could do a lot worse. Called him last night and told him he should pay me the cash lol!

Xdating is a total scam NO REAL women on this site i paid a month subscrition of 30$. He said he told me this or and I went for this so its my fault lol thats him off the Christmas gift list ROFL!!!!

Id personally give this a seven, better than most but a few still stand out above it (is a prime example).

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