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Solos also offer weekends away, activities and in competition with us they do the Seasonal Balls as well.

Postcode Dates - Postcode Dates was one of the first companies to put into action a map showing clients where to find singles events across the UK.

And the costs can vary wildly too - who likes paying over the odds? With this great tool you'll be able to quickly select all the features you want in an online dating site, then a click of the mouse, and we'll show you which sites offer exactly those features, in a very easy to read table. Get the low down on any of our events before you book - read what others have to say before you spend any money.

If you do book an event please come back and add a review.

Our visitors have submitted 37 reviews for Contact Singles with an average rating of 5 out of 5. We’ve been on the look out for dancing venues since Dover St wine bar closed! best wishes, Jacqui I went to an event with this club for the first time on Feb 6th at Union Regents Place and thought they were great. I was clear when I joined that I would receive emails and texts about events and could be removed whenever I wished. Thank you Beverley Had a great time Mar 19th at Gattis City Point.

Dating Trail - As well as listing other companies events Dating Trail offers a range of its own events in specific area's of the UK.

Solo's Holidays - Click has a unique relationship with Solos Holidays and we can confirm that in addition to the excellent service they offer, several of our clients are still with partners they have met whilst on a Solos Holiday.

The search for extra special folk you'd have a trillion-to-one chance of bumping into in the outside world starts here!

Online dating's still one of the best ways to meet other like-minded singles, but how do you decide which site suits your needs amongst the dazzling array of choice out there?

This sites provides links to dating service, relationships, special dating, alternative lifestyles, internation dating, regional dating sites, religious dating, ethnic dating, divorced, speed dating, shopping, dating books, travel.

Dating Directory offers diversified information about dating advices, matchmaking, special interest, marriage services, wedding, dating personals, love & romance, shopping, flower & gift, jewelry, introduction agencies.

It can be a laboriously slow process reading all the small print to make sure you're getting what you need, and not squandering cash on the wrong site.

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