Wsus computer not updating

This means that client computers that are not on localhost or on those specific subnets cannot self-update.To grant access to these client computers, complete the following steps on the default Web site’s Self Update and Client Web Service virtual directory.By default, Group Policy refreshes in the background every 90 minutes, with a random offset of 0 to 30 minutes.

To configure Automatic Updates, create a new Group Policy object (GPO) for WSUS settings and then link that GPO on the domain level.

Next, add all of your WSUS settings by editing the GPO you just created.

If you have Windows XP without any service packs in your environment and you have never used Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), you should install Windows XP Service Pack 2, which includes the version of Automatic Updates that is compatible with WSUS.

If you cannot do this, see “Deploying Microsoft Windows Server Update Services” at the Microsoft Web site ( Because that WSUS client computers update themselves automatically, you only need to configure and point client computers to the WSUS server.

Otherwise, Automatic Updates self-updates to the WSUS compatible client.

The WSUS client agent may not report to the WSUS server for many reasons.

WSUS client computers must be running a version of Automatic Updates that is compatible with WSUS.

WSUS Setup automatically configures IIS to distribute the latest version of Automatic Updates to each client computer that contacts the server.

After Group Policy refreshes, it can take up to 20 minutes before client computers appear on the Computers page in the WSUS console.

If you initiate detection manually, you do not have to wait 20 minutes for the client computer to contact WSUS.

On the client run gpresult or to make sure that the details of the WSUS server exist.

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