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adults being single during one of the most family-oriented times of the year, the personal-finance website Wallet Hub today released its report on 2016’s Best & Worst Cities for Singles.

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According to a new study, the worst and best cities for SINGLES are… A new study looked at a bunch of factors, like how much movie tickets cost .

The five worst cities for dating are Brownsville, Texas .

And if you just want to play the numbers game, the cities with the most single people per capita are Detroit, followed by Rochester, New York .

When your parents ask why you’re coming home for the holidays as a single woman or man yet again, direct them to Wallet Hub’s new study, which pinpointed the best and worst cities to date as a single this year. The struggle cities for dating include Yonkers, New York, the worst at No.

But there’s not much to do, and it’s tough to even FIND someone you can date.

It’s right on the border with Mexico, and things like restaurants and movies are cheap.

Well, the best city to be a single dating is Salt Lake City, Utah. Other top-finishing cities include Atlanta, Georgia at No. 1 for “Romance & Fun” interestingly), Austin, Texas at No.

You can find the lowest-costing restaurant meals in Aurora, Colorado and the highest-costing meals in San Francisco, California.

"San Francisco is very expensive, but you must remember that people are also making more in San Francisco on average as well, which balances it out a bit," said Gonzalez.

Related: Golden Oldies: One in 10 Americans Dating Online is a Baby Boomer What also helped San Fran move to the top of the list is "the sheer number of singles that are there," said Gonzalez.

And the one place you definitely DON’T want to be is Brownsville, Texas.

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