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Especially since Knight is currently in jail awaiting trial for a hit-and-run and is unable to defend himself against this bold allegation.The first time I ever heard Tupac was his verse on "I Get Around" with Digital Underground.I was 18 or 19 years old and I remember thinking, "Who is this? Once I heard that, I got his first album, 2Pacalypse Now.

I would probably put that up against anything as far as a classic hip-hop album goes.

He was taking things further than a lot of rappers at the time -- pushing it to the next level as far as giving feeling to his words and his music.

His spirit spoke to me because it was like you knew everything that he was going through, especially when he made Me Against the World.

You just felt every aspect of his pain, every emotion: when he was happy, when he was sad.

were rewarded for its high sales, as its self-titled first album became the first hip-hop album in history to earn "Gold" status-which indicates more than 100,000 copies sold-nine months after its release.

Fitty did the work however: "In Da Club" was the biggest single of 2003 according to Billboard, a rarity for hip-hop tracks even in the modern era.

So I come from where I was at, I had to come back around, I noticed Em's face changing, he's turning like tomato red. I had to bust through the middle man and snatch him up. ' This is exactly what they said, ‘Death Row, motherf*cker, Death Row.'""I had to snatch him up, I had to call Dre and his bodyguards and tell them what was going on because they was backstage, snatched him up backstage, called the limo driver.

I said, ‘Look, I need you all to have that car around when I call y'all.

So I pretty much had to have him stand behind me and I just had to be on knockout mode, man.

So it was me, Dre, Dre's bodyguards, we were in beast mode the whole time."….

That was our first encounter with Suge Knight and his henchman. The way they had the seating was all messed up and the bodyguards couldn't sit with the artists.

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