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After six months away from Albert Square, she's back coping with cokeaddict daughter Chelsea and a new wayward ex in Walford.

But spare a thought for Diane Parish who plays her.

He was a mate and a really good soul to have about the place.

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That's how families work." Diane, who breastfed Kaya until she went back to work, thinks sleepless nights are worse second time round."And although I've been back filming since April, it's been a very gradual return.

"We'd get the script and know how we were going to play it without even discussing it.

"I feel very fortunate for having my lovely little girls.

It all adds up to lots of emotion - just how Diane likes it.

I'm no spring chicken, you know," shrieks Diane, 38.

With two pre-school daughters and a wedding to plan, the actress has her hands full, too!"I got that because someone thought I did a good job on something."It's got fairy lights around it and a big neon arrow pointing to it.I'm proud of having it so I'm not going to shove it in a cupboard." Today Diane is dressed in a casual jeans and vest combo but she still oozes far more glamour than her TV alter ego.You might think East Enders Denise Wicks has a lot on her plate.At the time she was heavily pregnant with Kaya, now six months old, and a sister to Kenya, two."Sebastian proposed on my birthday last November and I didn't see it coming at all," she says.

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