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In short, there are already several action movie opportunities beyond it.

When the James Bond franchise debuted in 1962, it was the only kind of its genre at that time.

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From Sean Connery's suave take to Daniel Craig's more action-intense portrayal, Agent 007 truly has been loved across generations.

While the role may have been coveted for some time, the same might no longer hold true today as two of the biggest action stars do not appear interested in it.

Here, a shadowy character from Bishop’s past lures the reluctant killer back into action to take out three targets, each of which is ensconced in an impenetrable location like an island prison or an ultra-secure high-rise.

The plotting would be great as a video game, but in a 100-minute movie there’s barely time to construct each target as a diverting vignette, since time must also be allocated to setting up the reason Bishop plays along at all.

While Jason Stathan ranks among some of the most sought-after action stars today, he does not appear interested in playing James Bond.

In a report by Cinema Blend, the reason that he is not desperate to play Bond is because it is no longer the only avenue to feature that kind of excitement of intrigue on the big screen.This sequel carries forward only two ideas: that gimmick-y “assassinations that look like accidents” are a valid substitute for story, and that Statham can carry an action movie even when it is propped up on such wobbly legs.Despite boasting a few ingenious action beats, this film challenges both concepts.The sleek, womanizing, genius and stealthy James Bond had been an icon of its era.Once upon a time, it was every man's dream to be somewhat like him.Of course, he has an undeniable bias since the Bourne franchise has made wonders for his career.

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