When do rachel and puck start dating

He’s the one who thought of the idea.” Mercedes smiled at Puck, “That bus was definitely tricked out.” She felt so happy seeing her friends so happy together.

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Or do you have it like that where you could spend a year in Rome with your college wife?

”Mercedes giggled and squeezed her husband’s forearm, “Of course we’re cute together and you’re not being biased either.

“He’s actually a really busy guy but yes, Sam has always been a romantic at heart, that’s why he is spending the year here with me.” Only Puck knew the extent of her marital problems and even so, he didn’t know the whole story and she preferred to keep things that way.

“Well steak and lobster it is, I want my baby to have whatever her heart desires.” He nodded “Yeah I try to get all my work done while Mercedes is in class, but with technology the way it is, I can do everything I need to do with my laptop and cell phone.

“Yeah, I’m ready to order too.” She told the group.

Looking at Puck, she asked, “I think I’m going to have the seafood pasta. ” When the waitress arrived, they all placed their order.

Puck had been really attentive to her ever since Milan.

It felt like a dream, a really good dream she should’ve woken up from but it wasn’t. She was dating Noah Puckerman and he really did like her.

“Well whoever we need to thank, we thank you cause it was a great ride and Milan was a blast.

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