Was g dragon dating sohee

Big Bang's Seungri and Japanese model and actress Anna Kubo were snapped cuddling, holding hands, and kissing.

To say these two weren't anything is a lie, and it's nice to see Seungri getting some female loving.

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Rumors began to fly that the two were dating but turned out that Park just had a fanboy crush.

Mizuhara Kiko is half American and half Korean (Korean Japanese), born in Texas, and raised in Kobe, Japan.

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- Emoticons are fun, but actual thoughts are appreciated. - Post only in English, as this is an English language community. I just pray&hope you get your success today&next... Hehehe...)If that rumor is true, i can't see any wrong about it. They both denied the rumor because there's really nothing going on between them.

They also met during Christmas, where they also exchanged presents and went on a Gangnam date in Seulong's car.

A representative for JYP took a cautious stance, acknowledging that Seulong was one of Sohee's few close friends, but refused to discuss the matter further.

From the pictures taken by Dispatch, the two idols can be seen together giving off a romantic vibe.

The couple progressed greatly in their relationship especially after Sohee returned from her American activities, Dispatch said.

quickly extinguished all rumors of them being anything but really good friends.

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