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A mistress with enough sway with their leader to demand that he marry Harry off to the lowborn, mixed blood Eggsy Unwin as a wedding present.

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Hanzo’s not going to let his mortal enemy take the crown for a third year in a row. Hiding their dragon nature in the forms of regular humans, the Kingsman dragons live in a patriarch world where their leader's orders are law, and the need for heirs is paramount.

For nearly three decades Harry Hart has been stuck in a childless arranged marriage with Chester King, but the Kingsman leader intends to divorce him so that he can remarry and beget a heir with his mistress.

it was his not to reason why, his but to do and die Iwaizumi is bodyguard to crown prince Oikawa of the kingdom of Aoba Johsai, and things are not going well for the royal family.

There's a revolution brewing, and it doesn't make things easier that Oikawa and Hanamaki and the rest of the youths of the peerage refuse to wake up and realise that things are actually becoming serious.

The Shimada clan can only be ruled by a worthy leader, an alpha, and they were willing to go to any length to ensure that Hanzo fit into that role. “If this program works to disguise an omnic, it’ll work on anyone.

Years later their efforts are still haunting the archer, his secrets gradually beginning to unravel around him, whilst Mc Cree is determined to show him that things are different now, that he...have a future. The transformation should be complete, every sense altered…” Spying the rapidly-increasing angle of Genji’s head to his neck, Winston smiled. Ideally, the Persona Module will be used for reconnaissance missions lasting no longer than 72 hours.

Iwaizumi has always loved Oikawa, but he's never worked up the courage to confess.

Besides, Oikawa has his own harem of women to look after him.

But when a young slave called Hinata enters the equation, things start to happen, especially when Kageyama, the second prince in line and Oikawa's half-brother starts to feel a little something more for his brother's slave.

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