Updating mac os10 5 system requirements

Is it really necessary to run your printer with a RIP?

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With a RIP, you can run multiple printers from the same computer simultaneously, and without slowing anything down.

You can process/print/prepare files for each printer to maximize production.

Through the standard print driver, this can be cumbersome and time consuming.

With a dedicated program designed to process large files, this task becomes much easier and allows you to work on other projects while your image is processing.

This works just like making your canvas size larger in Photoshop’s “Canvas Size” and adding files by copying them to 1 file (to see this process, take a look at the #4 tip in our monthly Tech Tips – July article).

In other words: Let’s say you have a 36″ roll and you have 3 files to print, each sized at 8″x10″.This is because the RIP will only start to buffer data when all of the data is processed, rather then processing/buffering/printing at the same time (as print drivers typically do).With larger files, processing them entirely before sending them to the printer will keep them running at the fastest speed possible (this is determined by the media profile/print mode/speed you have selected in the RIP).You will also have the capability of processing and printing multiple files simultaneously.A RIP also will store all of your processed data (the files that you’ve printed), making reprints a breeze.Having these options will “open up” your printer’s capabilities and give you complete control over how things will print. A RIP makes all of this possible with its nesting features.

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