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This typically happens either when working on a document you received from someone else, or when working on your own document on a different computer than on which you originally created it.Either way, there's an included attachment that is now missing.They help perform the magic involved with many of the most powerful features in Word, such as mail merging, indexing, automatic generation of tables of contents, automatic figure numbering, cross-referencing, page numbering, and more.

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Many people use fields in Word without even realizing it because so many of Word’s features automatically insert and modify fields.

For example, when you insert a date or time and set it to be automatically updated, Word inserts a code.

Table 16.1 lists some of the Word features that employ fields and cross-references them to where those skills are covered in the book.

This chapter delves into the technical nitty-gritty details that govern fields and shows you how you can select, insert, modify, and format fields to accomplish a variety of document-creation and formatting tasks.

These are the objects that Word cannot find, and for which we need to provide a correct link.

In this particular document, we would have had to press OK five times to dismiss the "missing link" dialogs shown at the beginning of this article.The text of the error dialog gives you some clues, but unfortunately the text isn't perfect.It says (in Word 2013), "To edit the link, click the File tab, and then under Related Documents, click Edit Links to Files." In plain English, this is what it means: Notice the 5 lines that have dashes in the Item column.It is because a "linked object", typically a chart, is missing.Since Word cannot find the linked object, it's letting you know the object's information cannot be updated.Throughout this book, you’ve been learning about fields in an indirect way.

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