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Symptoms When you start your computer, you notice (with a lot of frustration) that the keyboard or the mouse or the CD-ROM drive or maybe the audio device stopped responding. If you can access the Device Manager, you see a yellow triangle on the device name.

Funnily, the keyboard, the mouse or the CD-ROM will work in this environment.

Basic moves: Tab (Shift Tab) – moves inside a window Ctrl Tab – moves to another window tab Alt – activates command bar Alt Tab – moves to another app window Alt F4 – closes active window Space – activates/deactivates option/checkbox Enter – activates a button command Arrows – positional moves( In Windows 8/8.1 you can activate the virtual mouse by going to Control Panel, then Ease of Access Center, then “Make the mouse easier to use”. Alternately, you can try this key combination: Left Alt Left Shift Num Lock. Key 5 is click (normally, the left click, unless you activate the right-click). Or use another keyboard and/or mouse on your computer.

Your mouse pointer movements will be controlled via the numeric keypad. You can rule out the case that either of these devices is actually defective. Disabling and re-enabling the driver Similarly to Shortcut 3.1, go to the same Driver tab and click Disable. Command bar: File, then Open Command Prompt, then Open Command Prompt as Administrator. Type exactly (on one line): Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restore Health The system will try to repair itself. If the repair is successful, disable and re-enable the driver.

Emergency system repair from a CD/DVD disk or a bootable USB drive If the activities of malicious programs have made it impossible for you to boot a computer running Windows, you can recover the affected system for free using Dr. Web Live Disk also attempts to cure infected objects.

Web Live Disk you can not only clean your system of infected and suspicious files but also copy important information to removable media or another computer; Dr.The following solutions work for Windows 8/8.1, but may be adapted for previous Windows. Updating the driver If your mouse and/or keyboard work, go to Device Manager. You have to be connected to the Internet for this operation to be performed. This will work for few users, since most basic drivers don’t have updates. After the driver is disabled click the same button that has become Enable. Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver Similarly to Shortcut 3.1, go to the same Driver tab and click Uninstall. Still, the result of this check might be that it has discovered corrupt files, but it cannot repair them. Using System Restore Not the best idea, so use this procedure with discretion.Before the real solution you can try some shortcuts. Identify the entry of the faulty driver (for example, “DVD/CD-ROM drives”)Expand the line (horizontal little white a triangle)Right-click or press menu key to go to “Properties”. After the driver is uninstalled, go back to Device Manager and click Action on the Command Bar, then “Scan for hardware changes”. Using DISM Open the Command Prompt as Administrator. System Restore has the disadvantage that it will take your system some days back in time, so you’ll have to reinstall apps that you installed recently and you’ll lose some settings you performed recently. Not mentioning that Windows 8 has its way of destroying its own restore points for no reason, even when your settings and resources are generous with System Restore. Indeed, the device driver is corrupt (or even missing).Your faulty device will be redetected and the system will try again to load the driver. Even when you set restore points manually, you’ll find soon that they are simply lost. When you go to Device Manager, then [faulty device], then Properties, then Driver tab, then Driver Details, you will see the name of the driver, for example When I tried to open one of those in Notepad and I compared it to a good version, at the end of the corrupt file there were about 10 lines of ßßßß....A faulty driver will show a small black icon in front of its name. Windows is so stupid, that whatever you try (see the shortcuts above), it cannot repair it nor can it download the correct from the Internet (namely, from the Microsoft web site). If either the mouse or the keyboard works The solution is to get a good version of the file and just copy it in the Drivers folder. The Drivers folder is normally C\WINDOWS\system32\Drivers\. However, make sure that the corrupt driver’s location, as shown in the Driver Details, is really that one.Another serving of the Microsoft Windows garbage design – they even got the error message wrong! You’ll have to replace the corrupt driver, so drop it in the right location.

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