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If everyone is like that, no one is coming to anyone. They shove you in the street, they treat you like a twat when you try to speak their language, they push in front of you in shops, they leave their dog shit on your doorstep, they tell you off for talking to your kids. This is why we don't just greet you, and usually seem cold when meeting new people.

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And as far as I know, this is not a trend on internet dating sites. There is a remarkable amount of shit-listing of Denmark going on. Let's go ahead and call that an innocent oversight, shall we? The upshot is, you are not going to the cinema with your Danish course mates, and so your friends will naturally end up being people who remember to communicate in a language you understand when making social plans. In the meantime, like us on Facebook for features, guides and tips on upcoming events and follow us on Twitter for links to other Copenhagen academia news stories.

Danes do not tend to make a lot of new friends of any background after they finish their studies. And you just need to be ready for that if you are serious about moving here. I was in denmark a year ago, i can remember that experience as the worst experience of my life. All you get is the cold shoulder, descrimination and any indication that you are a foreigner (no matter your race or status) will make them stare at you like you are an Alien. Everything on the news is about foreigners coming to leach on their social welfare. I myself am an 18 year old danish guy, who is just getting started with my life. I must admit I do not know how it feels like to be an immigrant in my own country.

Such statements are vigorously criticized by the fans of the show, who are ready to help the rightholders in new episodes creation to see the logical end of the story.

Over the past couple of years, One Direction have come from contestants on a TV show, to one of the biggest boy bands ever to have made it in the UK.

Or their Tumblr, if we want to be all twenty-teens about it. Compared to similar countries, let’s go ahead and say France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands (let’s leave the other Scandies to one side for now), it’s not really anything to shout about. This is not really improved by saying: 'Well, it’s Denmark.

A lot of people living in Denmark have written on the internet 'OMG What The Fuck? You should speak Danish.' That does not, with the best will in the world, get your pipes fixed when you are fresh of the boat and need a plumber.

With their recent success moving over to America, it’s time we learnt some interesting facts about the boys, and their amazing music.

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Release date is still being discussed since the creators face some financial problems.

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