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But where does most of this dating advice leave you? Are these the best people to get dating advice from? After all, if you wanted advice on how to fix your car, you’d talk to a mechanic. Worse yet, it always seems like the people who have the least success in dating and relationships are always the ones to be first in line to give you the advice. It’s the man who’s been married and divorced 3 times.This was all part of an experiment to truly understand men and to get to the bottom of what men want in a woman and relationships.

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We realize it’s difficult and it’s easy to put the good guys off by saying or doing the wrong things, even if they are unintentional. A good concept to keep in mind is, “If you don’t like him at his best, you’re not going to love him at his worst.” Don’t waste time dating the wrong guys when you could be chasing after the right ones.

If he accidentally spills a drink on you or himself because of first date jitters, that’s one thing.

Dating tips for women seem to come at you from every direction. It’s your best friend who only tells you what you WANT to hear and not what you NEED to hear.

Your friends, your family, and even the hobo in the train station down the street jump to tell you what they think about the men in your life. It’s the girl who is always fighting with her boyfriend and telling you what a jerk he is.

So why take dating and relationship advice from people who are in and out of one relationship after another?

If you want the best dating tips, then it’s best to seek out experts in the field.For example, just because your ex stayed out late nights and cheated on you doesn’t mean if your new boyfriend stays out late with the guys that he’s also cheating on you. When you consider clothes, hair, make-up, waxing, etc., you’ve already spent your fair share just to look good for him before the date even starts.These next few tips will give you further help on a first date. Great first dates should be emotionally charged and exciting.But if you sense he’s arrogant, rude, or uncaring on the first date, then chances are he’s not going to change.Don’t think you’re that one special girl who CAN change him. Cell phones and text messaging have given rise to a whole new set of dating rules. If you go out on a date, turn your phone off, put it away, and actually listen to what the guy has to say. The problem is most dating tips for women are based on just one perspective…that of the person giving you the advice.

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