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I begin with "What Does A Project Look and Feel LIke?

" Then I focus on four fundamental personal skills of entrepreneurship – Communicating (Heath Brothers), Listening (Marshal Goldsmith), Helping (Edgar Schein), and Don’t Be An Asshole (Robert Sutton).

Michael Riebel - Researcher, &\also thinktank, Hawkins\Brown Michael works as a researcher for Hawkins\Brown’s thinktank &\also which synthesizes the practice's aggregated architectural experience, while speculating on future forms and practice of the built environment.

Traditional sculpting and mold-making skills dating back over 30 years with Steve Varner, the founder of Varner Studios is of utmost importance in our company.

Utilization of top of the line computer sculpting tools and 3D scanning technologies speeds up our process, however, we love the ART!

In the beginning Varner Studios started out sculpting every project by traditional means.

Being proficient at these traditional ways of sculpting gave Varner Studios a strong advantage for adapting digital means once they became practical to adapt.

I also add in the Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck) as part of Don’t Be An Asshole.

I used to call this talk “Entrepreneurship Fundamental Skills” and the nickname that emerged was “Dating Skills For Engineers”.

Louis Woodhead - Campaigner, Long Live Southbank Louis is a 20 year old skateboarder and local at the skate spot under the Southbank Centre.

In 2013 the SBC announced plans to turn the space into coffee shops and restaurants.

Counseling is confidential except if there is concern of imminent danger to self or others, child/elder abuse, court ordered or otherwise required by law.

Fill out the registration form and you will receive an informational email from our director with some questions to help place you in a weekly mentoring “Talk Team” group that will meet at the Camarillo Library or your school’s campus.

WEEKLY MENTORING STARTS THE WEEK OF JANUARY 16TH OUR FIRST MONTHLY SUNDAY WORKSHOP IS JANUARY 29 1-5 P. IN CAMARILLO Click here for more information Winter Session Theme: “Loving and Living on Purpose” Fall Session Time & Dates: Tuesday evenings, every other week - p.m.

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