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This policy may change from time to time and such changes to this privacy policy will be communicated on this site.Secret Encounters provides this general audience site for users of all ages.Please see the ‘’Work With Us’ page for further information.

A team of specially trained advisors will provide help, support and information through a Freephone telephone helpline, SMS Text messaging, email and instant message chat.

Men will also be able to access free online and telephone counselling.

There are many kinds of sexual violence including sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, stalking, flashing and sexual abuse.

Sexual violence can happen to anyone - women, men, girls and boys - and no one ever asks or deserves for it to happen.

However, users must be 18 years or old to use Secret Encounters services unless parent consent is given in writing.

Section 3 of this Privacy Policy contains specific details regarding personal information collected from children.We are pleased to inform you that we have received funding from BMBC and the Clinical Commissioning Group.We are now open for initial contact for referrals to children and young people’s therapy services .Rape Crisis centres offer specialist, independent support and advocacy services to those who've experienced rape and all forms of sexual violence, no matter how recently or long ago and regardless of whether or not they choose to report to the police.If you've been affected by the coverage of this case and want to talk and be heard, you can find information about our helplines and your nearest Rape Crisis services here: first National Helpline and Online Support service for the 5 million male survivors of rape and sexual abuse in the UK.Crime figures estimated 85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped in England and Wales every year and the vast majority - around 85% - choose not to report to the police, for a range of reasons including fear of not being believed, of being blamed and of being treated poorly by the criminal justice system.

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