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"These other materials are not also available," she says. So you tear a blanket today - tomorrow, in a year, you don’t have any blanket to cover yourself with." But without sanitary napkins in particular, she says, long-term life goals are compromised, which is why the distribution campaign helps to keep girls like Ivone in school longer.

"Last year, [after] the national examinations, the Grade Eight exams, I was excited to hear that girls in most schools that I had been to during the distribution had topped [passed], and are being called to good secondary schools," says Njoroge.

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"The least [expensive] in the market is 40 shillings ...

a packet that has eight pieces in it," says Njoroge.

Lack of education According to Njoroge and fellow teachers in Mathare, about 50 percent of girls between 10 and 19 have had sex with older men to pay for a range of basic items.

But sanitary napkins are a uniquely critical resource: Not only are they vital to a young woman's health, but, without them, schoolgirls are forced to stay home during menstrual cycles, missing up to five days of class each month.

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Roughly half of all girls in slums of Kenya have sex with older men in exchange for sanitary napkins.

"It depends on the immediate need," says Janet Nzioka, deputy head teacher of Mathare's St.

James School, explaining that girls use any remaining funds for food and clothing.

In response to these estimates, healthcare advocates are distributing napkins to girls as part of a nationwide campaign.

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