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Progressive intimacy coaching (see "In Private" page) can be done via Skype/Face Time.

In 1-3 sessions I can level the playing field so you're not lagging behind in one of the most vital areas of life.

Once you're engaging from a space of self-assurance, ease, and confidence, you'll be able to form the intimate connections that assurance, ease, and confidence.

We focus on social skills, communication, body image, sensual touch, and sexual issues (ED, premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation, unreliable erections, anxiety, trauma, late life virginity, physical disabilities, etc.).

I am an IPSA trained and supervised Surrogate Partner Intern and adhere to their strict Code of Ethics.

I recommend a series of 3-6 lunches or dinners, after which I'll provide specific, thorough input to smooth out social or romantic rough edges. I'm a weekend workshop addict, available to join your for local or travel destinations workshops on anything related to Tantra, massage, sexuality, sensuality, etc.

Highly recommended for widowers and recently divorced men, many of whom have credited me with enabling them to date again. Sharing chi energy with an open heart is a beautiful and blessed thing.For partnered dancing (ballroom, country, salsa, swing) I’m your personal Ginger Rogers (in training). Let me root around your soul and psyche (don't worry, it's more fun than it sounds) to see what I can coax out.The ideal way to launch your transformation by assessing your dating strengths and weaknesses. We'll immerse ourselves in cool jazz, hot funk, singer/songwriter gigs, drum circles, art galleries, photography, poetry, free writing, body painting, and whatever else turns you on until you're tapped into the Universal Creative Cloud.Exceptionally challenging issues may require a slower pace and Supervising Therapist oversight.Rooted in the work of Masters and Johnson, Surrogate Partner Therapy is an adjunct modality of sex therapy designed to facilitate greater confidence, self-awareness, and capacity for physical & emotional intimacy.From Hippie Hollow to Harry Ransom I’ll spend a day or weekend showing you around one of the greatest cities in the US.

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