Russian dating mamba

Over 18 million active users, 12 million of them - in Russia.

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JSC "Mamba" was founded in 2004 and is based in the Russian Federation.

As of August 29, 2008, JSC "Mamba" operates as a subsidiary of Mail.

I don't know to much about but, it is reported to be Russia's most visited dating site.

Mamba announced recently that their membership now exceeds 11 million profiles and that on average, there are usually 100,000 active users online at any one time.

So every time I want to look at a profile I have to fill in a cactha, very annoying. Than 24 hours later I got blocked after sending 4 messages because they were "similiar".

I wrote to support and said I only sent 4 messages and they responded by blocking my IP address.I was looking for a relationship and have zero interest in casual sex or to be a grown mans mama so the site was not interesting to me I deleted my profile after a week.First I was consdiered a bot because I looked at too many profiles (yes, they penalize you for this).I only paid 10 for one month, they kept that of course. So here are the bad things about this website; 1) You have tp fill in a catcha every time you look at a profile if you look at too many profiles too quickly.2) You get blocked very quickly for reasons phone was s tolen by user in London how i can contact mamba????? I meet guy in Stratford and he stole my mobile phone.

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