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So, in addition to the fact that Adventure Logs remain a Members-only feature, this means that Jagex has effectively removed any means of tracking F2P players' Rune Scape stats.

Unfortunately, if you are F2P, this means: No more Rune Scape stat signatures, individual stat tracking, clan competition participation, or anything else that involves a fansite retrieving your stats.

If you're having issues with your stats being tracked, simply view your profile page.

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However, it appears this will not be the case anytime soon.

As the site's activity levels continue to increase, storage space and reasonably sized data sets are important to keep the site running quickly and efficiently.

Inactive accounts have until June 30, 2012 to indicate that they won't want their account removed.

After this date, all remaining inactive accounts will be removed.

One of those changes was the removal of all Free-to-play accounts from the Rune Scape highscores.

Jagex's reasoning for this was summarized at the bottom of last week's Rune Scape news post detailing the upcoming changes: In Other News...- Along with the release of the new website, we will be making hi-scores a members-only feature.This is for a number of reasons, but the main one is to keep them fresh.We want the hiscores to reflect the full range of content that Rune Scape has to offer, and hope that they will be a big draw to the full, members' game for those interested in high-level Rune Scape competition on a level playing field.In their comprehensive effort to keep the Rune Scape Highscores "fresh", Jagex also (possibly accidentally) removed all stat data for F2P accounts from the Light Highscores Feed, which is used by fansites like Rune Track to track players' stats.Not surprisingly, due to this update, Rune Track will no longer be able to continue tracking F2P account stats.

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