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Since May 2015 amateur radio operators can receive digital video directly from the International Space Station (ISS), at considerably higher quality than with earlier modes such as slow-scan TV.This was not publicized until February 2016, when this system was used for the first direct video contact between an astronaut and a school as part as an educational outreach program.

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I tested it during an overhead pass of the ISS and could barely see the signal.

It is unclear whether the LNA has too much attenuation at 2395 MHz or whether the antenna itself does not have enough gain.

One goal of the present project is to significantly reduce costs and other barriers to entry.

[IZ8YRR] already showed that interesting experiments can be performed with a small 12 d B fixed antenna.

Note that Doppler shift is negligible for such wide-band signals.

The BT-283 variant has an integrated Yagi antenna with unspecified gain instead of a dipole, but its rated input range is 2500 - 2700 MHz.I also connected the RTL-SDR dongle in parallel for troubleshooting. These chips are found in the Techno Trend S2 1600, a PCI DVB-S receiver that is popular in the DATV community (at least on Windows).With custom programming, this card can reportedly tune up to 2600 MHz, i.e.So anyone with the right skills and equipment can try to receive unscheduled transmissions or even (with a license to transmit) attempt to have their own video chat with the ISS.Digital video on the amateur bands is known as "Digital Amateur TV", "Digital ATV" or "DATV".Amateurs typically use the same standards as mainstream digital TV broadcasts: DVB-S (satellite) and DVB-T (terrestrial).

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