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We can then incorporate this amount of astigmatism correction into the artificial lens that is selected for your cataract surgery.

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The more astigmatism one has, the blurrier the vision is without eyeglasses and there is no advantage to astigmatism because it adds natural blur to every focal distance.

Corrective eyeglasses compensate for this corneal shape to optically correct this blur and to properly focus eyes with astigmatism.

The toric lens may not correct all of the astigmatism, especially if it is severe.

Weaker eyeglasses can correct whatever astigmatism remains.

The experience of the surgeon is important because the toric lens implant must be positioned in a specific orientation in order to best neutralize the astigmatism from the cornea.

We incorporate a safe and painless diagnostic technology, called “ORA”, in the operating room to guide optimal alignment of the toric lens.

In addition, like the conventional lens implant, the toric lens is still a “single focus” lens and therefore reading glasses must still be used if the distance eyesight is good.

However, toric lens implants allow appropriate patients to see better whenever they are not wearing eyeglasses, and any eyeglasses worn will be less strong as a result.

Chang, MD Toric lens implants are one of the most popular technologies for cataract patients with astigmatism who do not intend to wear eyeglasses at all times.

They are designed to improve how well you see without eyeglasses in the distance, as compared to if you had a standard lens implant. Like nearsightedness, astigmatism describes a common type of natural blur in healthy eyes that is corrected by wearing eyeglasses.

The toric lens implant does NOT allow you to both read and see far away without eyeglasses.

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