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If you're using Windows XP, see our Windows XP end of support page.

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If you need to get the latest updates available, you can download and install them from here.

For all Microsoft security software, you will need to download the antimalware and antispyware updates.

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Windows will automatically download and install updates once a day for you.

If automatic updates aren't working there might be an issue with your PC: You can also force a download of the latest daily update.

Note that this package will not include any newer updates made after July 14th, 2015, and may leave your PC unprotected.

Requirements Update My Profile Instructions Update My Information Contact Info Contact Types Company Addresses Username and Password Company Information and Contacts Instructions Update and Edit Contacts Add Contact Remove Contact Name and Phone Number Contact Addresses More Information Allows administrators to edit limited contact information When selecting “Update/Edit Contacts”, select the check box to the left of contact and select Continue. Any changes made by clicking on the contact name hyperlink without first clicking on the check box to left of the name and then “Continue” Allows user to mark a contact former When selecting “Remove Contact”, select the check box to the left of contact.

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