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Bird and bat deaths caused by wind turbines are valid environmental concerns, and there are others (for alleged health problems from turbines see Wind Health), but wind energy has far less environmental impact than the fossil fuel powered generation that it replaces and is more economically viable than most currently available sustainable methods of generating electricity (although solar PV, at least, is fast catching up).

What follows is an independent point of view written by someone with no reason to either gloss over, or exaggerate, the problems and limitations of wind turbines and wind farms.

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Greenhouse/climate change and ocean acidification will cause incomparably more environmental damage than wind farms do, and fire hazards, health problems and bird mortality will all be greater without wind farms.

I have written a bit on the benefits of wind power and on the pros and cons of various methods of generating electricity elsewhere.

I started this page in 2008 and to the present (April 2013) while many people have provided helpful ideas for improvements and additions, no-one has pointed out any serious errors.

The few relatively minor problems that wind farms cause should be balanced against the huge problems that will arise if we do not replace fossil fuel use with renewable energy such as wind power.

Perhaps those tempted to object to wind farms should consider whether they would prefer a coal-fired or nuclear power station nearby?

It is imperative that we greatly reduce our totally unsustainable rates of greenhouse gas production.

Society is certainly not willing to give up private cars, air conditioning, computers, television, refrigeration, and all the other energy consuming equipment of the modern life-style (see What should be done), so we must build sustainable energy supply systems.

It is perfectly reasonable for people to want to look after their own bit of the world; many people (probably particularly rural people) feel a strong attachment to the surrounding area and at least some perceive wind turbines as intrusive and out of place.

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