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The death of Mary Rogers was one of the more famous crimes published by the press of the time, due to the clumsy police work and the involvement of citizens’ committees, making it one of the first sensational criminal cases.The crime shocked the New York society and mass protests erupted.The investigation was complicated and had many false leads, the parade of suspects and the multiple theories that led police to a dead end multiplied.

The death of young Mary revealed the incompetence of the police and the judicial system, and led to political struggles.

It also aroused the greed of unscrupulous entrepreneurs and a roaring business with mounted around the victim.

Regarded as a good worker with normal ways and simple tastes, Mary was characterized by always causing an excellent impression the gentlemen that entered the store to buy their products.

Her beauty and kindness even caused many of the men to write poems about her.

For a long time, Edgar Allan Poe was a possible murder suspect.

Mary Rogers was a pretty young woman who worked as a clerk in a well-known cigar shop in New York since 1839.

From simple workers to the most important businessmen, all the customers were flattered by the young woman.

However, one year before her assassination Mary starred in a very strange event in the tabloids of the time: she disappeared then mysteriously reappeared two weeks later at her workplace.

Its history is shrouded in mystery and there is much speculation over what the stone might be.

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