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Squad is the long-awaited answer to the question we’d never thought to ask: What if our friends were there to help us find love?

You can swipe right or left on other squads around you, and, if matched, you can start a group chat.

Professionally, academically, recreationally, athletically, emotionally―this fear lingers somewhere in the corner of our mind, but it’s never more pronounced than when we’re dating. We call our friends looking for reassurance, we pump ourselves up in front of the mirror, we tell ourselves, “Just. Mix in the possibility of making a genuine connection with a real human being? It can be you and your guy friends, you and your girlfriends, or even a nice medley of both.

Wraps,” ignoring the fact that there’s nothing crazier than what we just did right there. No, not like setting us up with Chuck in accounting; the whiskey enthusiast who “likes music.” We’re talking a dating app that provides an authentic and organic experience without the fear of rejection.

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Users are allowed to author a full gamut of emotions without ever being judged or held accountable by anyone.

We didn’t find a ton this year but enough for a nice, large, dinner when we got home.

Online provides free video chatrooms where people from all over the world come to hang out, have fun, and hook up!

And in that, Squad also immediately takes any sketchiness out of online dating. Hell, even if the other squad doesn’t show up, you still have a night out with your friends. There’s absolutely no pressure, and absolutely no way to get rejected.

Sure, there’s safety in numbers (can we get an amen?! No, you’re not only as good as the people you hang out with, but if the people you hang out are total assholes, then, by association (thanks, math! When you’re with your friends, you’re expected to be yourself especially if it gets weird. They bring out the best and they’re there through the worst. Swipe with friends and download the Squad app right here.

Everyone deep down in their heart (or wherever their heart should be) has a fear of rejection. Squad is the incredible app that takes the pressure off of solo dates by helping you meet new people with the friends you already have. Sure, dating apps have certainly allowed us to meet people, but up to this point they haven’t really allowed us to meet people in the best way that we could.

Sometimes it’s just something we can shake it off―shake it off like T-Swift. It’s a bit too formal, too staged, and too much pressure right away. Think of it as a dating app 2.0 taking away all the weird, pressurized parts of dating away and replacing it with the ease of a good night out with your friends. It works like this: you and your friends form a squad on the app.

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