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I’ve been teaching golfers from beginners to touring professionals, collegiate players to accomplished amateurs and our local junior to Hollywood celebrities.

I have taught thousands of lessons and helped all levels of golfers build, grow and improve their game of golf for over 25 years here at Torrey Pines including the full swing, shortgame, putting, course management and the mental side of the game.

If you agree the American Express black card requirements are too much, you may want to look into the Platinum version.

It’s comes with a wide array of benefits, many of which are comparable to the Am Ex Black. And it also has some benefits that might save you money, including a $200 credit for airline fees and reimbursement for Global Entry and TSA Pre Check.

Now, I bet those early cardmembers are happy they got the card for “only” a single grand, right?

The Centurion has gone back and forth from being invitation only to open application.

Currently, it is back to being offered by invitation only, but I’m sure if you met the spending qualifications on an existing Am Ex charge card and were willing to pay the fee, you could make inquiries and be given the opportunity to apply.

When the card was initially released it was only offered to a few thousand people (celebrities, wealthy business moguls, etc).In fact, I have read a number of forum posts by cardmembers who have canceled or downgraded to the American Express Platinum (with a 0 fee) because they said the Centurion was no longer worth anywhere close to the annual fee.Personally, I feel there was only one benefit of any significant monetary value = free first-class upgrades on domestic flights.So you could buy a coach ticket and automatically get bumped to first class for free if there was availability.However, American Express sadly dropped that benefit several years ago.Not only did I notice and feel the difference but my golf buddies did also.

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