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Lucy 12/19/16: God, please pray they don't take my disability away, especially now that I have thyroid disease with lupus. I haven't seen him for four months and he is my only family in this state. See, I know he is an alcoholic and has spent his life messing up. Alisa 12/19/16: Dear Heavenly Father, Angels and Guardian Angels, and Merciful Mother Mary, I ask for your healing power for my son, who is suffering from an ear infection and ringing in his ear. Sue12/18/16: Dear God, please help all those who have are in need specially those suffering in war zones. Jude and all the angels and saints in heaven please keep our children and us in good health in mind and body and watch over us. I’m putting the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands. Josephine 12/18/16: Eight months ago I met a guy in line and have fallen in love with everything he is as a man. Every couple months she just sort of ends it, only to say a month later how sorry she is and how much she's committed this time to our relationship. I also pray if it's in your will that Noy and I can have a new beginning with our relationship, and that he can open his heart to give our relationship another chance. Patricia11/22/16: Please say a prayer for my family, and for my household to be happy; and that we will have a happy future. HC 11/22/16: Please pray with me for the conversion of my son Peter, daughter Alison, and wife Erica. Therese11/21/16: "O Gentlest Heart of Jesus, have mercy on the soul of Thy departed servant, my precious Mommy.May I please get my answer today so I can enjoy Christmas. He had a psychotic break a couple of years ago and began living on the street. He has so much pain and is now refusing the medicine which would help him. Please grant them moments of peace, relief, and hope for a better tomorrow. I had a good feeling about him and now I don't know what's going on. Please help my daughter to be happy with her image. Please help her make the right decision to choose her soul mate just like my son, and help her come across him soon if possible. He works all day and has himself and 3 animals to take care of when he returns home. M.12/18/16: Please pray that my kids and my household will have a lovely Christmas, and that we will get our wedding plans sorted. Please pray that Annie can find peace and happiness that is sustainable in her life. Beatrice12/17/16: Lord Jesus, please, it's my prayer that you forgive us (Vincent and Jane) our sins and unite us. I love him with all my heart and I want to continue with our future plans to get married and have a family. Charisse11/22/16: Please join me in prayer to and for the Holy Souls that they may help me break any unwanted habit, such as cigarettes and drugs, that I may serve the Lord and our Blessed Mother as they deserve to be served and loved. Margarita11/22/16: Praying that my nephews will not lose their home That the taxes will paid in time and they will not leave their home especially during the holidays. Mary11/22/16: Dear Lord, please pray for me and my wife Cherie. Carl11/22/16: Please pray for the 2 Days Retreat for the youth of the Archdiocese Of Kolkata this coming December 2nd-4th on the Theology Of The Body (details here) and for us who will be conducting the "Tob Encounter". John Paul II Theology of the Body Messengers11/22/16: My friend Dinesh and I are separated from each other. I have told him harmful things and texted him harmful words. Wilma 11/22/16: O God, please, all I want is my period to be heavy and I want it every month and to win some big money. Be not severe in Thy judgment but let some drops of Thy Precious Blood fall upon the devouring flames.

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For the younger one its an elbow fracture with a vascular injury; and for my elder son it was a wrist fracture. Thank you for all the help you have given to me, and I pray you will continue to help me in my times of need. Bless my husband, sons, and grandchildren and may we all live in peace. Sue12/21/16: Please pray for my heart and soul to connect and heal with an unrequited love. Because of your concern and your prayers, I want to say thank you. May He give her a sharp sense of comprehension, retentive memory and the ability to grasp things correctly. I am very worried, even though I know it's in God's hands. I've worked hard all my life, and I used the funds to do what I thought was right, to help Stan. Jude, and will always honor you, and spread the word of your glorious gift and the miracles you have worked. I am sick with a sinus infection at home when I should be at school, which was my mother's idea. God, have mercy and guard my soul and sprit as well for the better of this world, not the worse. She's coughing up blood and then early this morning she told me about her having a real bad bloody nose. She wants to go see the doctor, to go to the hospital, but they want to charge her $100 and she doesn't have the money. Please help Jimmy, Helen, the Childress family, the Holy Souls, and all who suffer, especially those who are lonely and feel they have no one to pray for them. Make the New year a positive change of ideas and caring for our children. 12/19/16: Thank you so much dear Lord for taking care of my dog, Whiskey during her surgery. Be not severe in Thy judgment but let some drops of Thy Precious Blood fall upon the devouring flames. Please look after each and every one of us and each and every one of our little pets. God bless to all.11/24/16: Please pray for my finances. I pray for a wonderful Thanksgiving for my aunt Margaret in the nursing home; and my friend and ex Ismael B. Me, M/B children, families, friends, relatives, bishops, priests, religious, those around us, ask for and rely on our prayers-living and deceased-all Your peoples. An end to abortion, euthanasia, hatred, murder, violence, wars.

If God wishes for us to be together to resolve this pain of two decades, I surrender. May He also continue to help her and give success to her works. It's hard for me to stop myself from thinking the worst. We both have lawsuits regarding my accident, and one Stan had, and I beg of you, please, let there be enough from the settlements to repay everyone I have had to ask for help financially. Jude, I believe in miracles, and I know your blessed, glorious gift can bring them. Eliminate all evil from this world, so I don't have to face it! I don't have the money either, so we don't know what to do. S.: Sometimes I feel that people are very jealous when others are happy. I humbly ask that you take pity on us and bless us. Help us to find answers when we are lost and do not know what to do. And make schools provide the children with foundational skills in math and writing. O Merciful Savior, send Thy Angels to conduct Thy departed servant, my precious Mommy, to a place of light and peace. Look down upon us, protect us, and keep us healthy, happy and safe always. at the rehabilitation center that he is at in Massachusetts. Help us to truly seek You and Your Will in our lives. I pray for trust in Jesus' Divine Mercy for us all especially the dying. Remember the lonely, poor, sick, suffering, and dying. In our purchases please let us ask if they are needed, useful, pleasing to God, and how they will draw us closer to You.

You can include anyone you’d like, living or deceased. He's always been such a giving man and I don't know how I can help him anymore. Just pray for him please, that he will find some relief and get better. I pity her when I see the pain she is going through. Williams12/16/16: Please pray for a little boy named Dakota. Arlene 12/16/16: Please pray that a nice apartment be found soon for me and my cat, and that we be moved in right away. Jude12/16/16: Please pray for my co-worker, Mary G. If any infection exists, please do not let it develop into pneumonia. Pauline11/28/16: Please pray for my mother Delice, whom I love dearly, as she has lung cancer. Darren11/28/16: Please grant me good health, my Lady of Velankanni. Esperance11/28/16: Dear holy sisters, I am one of your believers who believed in the power of prayers so much. May her soul, and the souls of all the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. May God graciously let a ray of His brilliance penetrate into the darkness of her understanding. Thank You, Laura11/26/16: Dear God, I pray for the repose of the soul of my beloved cousin Venasio Fuimaono Junior who passed away yesterday aged 34 from pneumonia while overseas with his family. Please pray for her to be calm and focused and to have the wisdom to answer all 12 stations accurately. But on October 9th, his dad called my dad and told him that this will not work out because horoscopes are not matching. I beg Lord Jesus to hear my prayer and send him back to me. By no fault or intention, I find myself without a job and with the many responsibilities of being the sole provider for my kids. May my daughter be successful in her job and safe on the roads. E.11/25/16: I would like to pray for my family and my fiancé and her family. She is a loving, giving person and deserves to be loved and looked after. Our 11 year old son was just diagnosed with type one diabetes and is in the hospital. May all accusations made against us fail in Jesus’ Name by the power of his blood. I am making the trip to see my 92-year-old dad and don't have money for a place to stay or a rental car. I only have my Dad, and I try my best to do as much for him as I can living far away. Please pray for Eloise and Susan to have a true conversion and to give up their passions for materialism and to stop looking down on people with no money.

Rest assured that we will keep your e-mail address confidential and will not sell or otherwise share it with anyone. Maryann12/17/16: Dear Prayer Group, please pray for my mother, who is 76 years old and can't walk and talk and do anything on her own. Thank you, and God bless each one of you for your prayers. As I am typing this now Christmas is next week and we have nothing. They had to flight for life him tonight because he won’t stop having seizures. Maureen12/16/16: For Jennifer M.'s healing of an illness. Please Divine Savior, intercede on our mother's behalf so she has a few more years with family and close friends. Pray that the pain in her lung will go away, and she will be pain free. Please help heal my recent illnesses, swelling and itching, permanently. From my heart I am very grateful to all sisters and holy family who have made my life wonderful. Now this time again, I beg you to please pray for my loving husband Mahendra. Please, please pray for him that he lives his life happily. O Gentlest Heart of Jesus, have mercy on the soul of Thy departed servant, my precious Daddy. May He give her a sharp sense of comprehension, retentive memory, and the ability to grasp things correctly. May his family find strength during this time, and may his soul find its way to your kingdom in heaven. Michel11/26/16: Please pray for my daughter who has to retake her UNI practical exam on Dec. I tried to contact his friends and all are saying that he too has decided. I promise that I’ll pray Lord Jesus wholeheartedly until my last breath. Lord, give peace to the world and rid it of the harmful parasitic entities that cover this earth. Sunil 11/25/16: Please pray that my partner will feel that he wants to arrange our wedding guide and pray that we are doing the right thing for all our sakes. I'm struggling with an anxiety and depression that is consuming me. Forgive us for all the sins we have committed in our lives. Please help me release my guilt also for getting myself in debt. Edmika11/24/16: I request prayers for Blessed Miguel Pro’s intercession to obtain a cure for terminal cancer for an American veteran officer of the United States Army (Michael). Through Mother Mary's intercession, in Jesus’ Name. Johnny11/24/16: Please pray hard for me so that I get a positive answer from Nurul H. and my problem is solved and my entire family is saved from ultimate disaster. Shahana 11/24/16: Please pray a lot with all your love and faith for my cousin Ana who lives in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Would you like us to pray for you or your loved ones? Jude, please pray for my boyfriend, who had an operation on his knee, that his therapy will continue to go well and he will have a speedy recovery, so we can dance and celebrate with each other on New Year's Eve. Amen.12/17/16: Please pray for me that my left eye condition has not deteriorated when I go for my eye check-up on Monday; and that God will have mercy on me and restore full sight to that eye. Grace12/17/16: This prayer request is for my sister Margret. Olivia12/16/16: Please dear God, I pray for healing for my dog. His next MRI is in February; prayers for that to be negative of any new growth. Ken11/28/16: Please Divine Savior and Physician, I humbly implore thee to intercede on behalf of my mother on earth, Nancy, who continues to struggle after colon surgery. Please pray that she finds happiness and our our relationship improves. Since the 2nd of November I have only worked 8 days. I need help with my employment not falling through. Be not severe in Thy judgment but let some drops of Thy Precious Blood fall upon the devouring flames. Jude and St Joseph, please intercede in my petitions. Please ensure that we all have the monies to pay for the emergency moves. Please also ensure that Gary is able to buy the furniture that I need to sell quickly so I can get out of here by 29 November 2016. Please ask God to enter their hearts and speak to them before it is too late. I cannot believe how hardened they have become towards me due to the behavior of their wives. He has a kidney disease that has advanced to stage 3 and something is growing in his bladder, but the doctors don't know what. I came to the US on a spousal visa with my US citizen husband. I desperately want to go home with my son but my husband will not let me. Please pray that the judge will have compassion for my situation and allow me to go home with my son. Plus that I may be given the resources necessary to at least meet my bills. Pray that with the gates of heaven finances open up onto me, please. The last words that I heard from him was "I will call you back”. I pray that things go my way since it's in the best interest of my children with me being the sole supporter both emotionally and financially. I ask for protection for my loved ones and the birds and animals who face another winter with us. She found out today that she has a tumor and needs an urgent surgery. Please pray for her healing her May God bless you all tremendously!! Saving lives and doing academic work is everything! Please pray for my sister and her new baby, that she will get her life back with her husband and they will be very happy together. I would like to buy our kids a house so they can have nice things. Sherry C.11/24/16: Please pray that our finances increase so that we may be able to pay off all our debts and remove the properties that are in collateral. Beverly11/24/16: Please pray for my son Matt, that he can reconnect with our family and find happiness in his life.

Please feel free to share your prayer requests with us and our readers here at Our Catholic Prayers using the form below! Please also pray for me that my children will treat me better. She has been married for the past seven years with no child. Also please keep in your prayers for depression and insomnia. She is going forward to be met with two steps backward. I ask that His Lord Jesus Christ please lay his healing hands on my mom, as she is elderly and vulnerable. O Merciful Savior, send Thy Angels to conduct Thy departed servant, my precious Mommy, to a place of light and peace. May God send the Holy Spirit to guide and help my daughter in her exams today so that she will do well and excel in her course. I come to you today asking that I receive good news tomorrow from my doctor regarding breast cancer. Also please let a financial miracle come into our lives. Saint Jude we are all desperate, anxious and scared and have not been sleeping as this “drama” has been going on since the 1st November 2016 when the new owners told us all we have to find homes by 30th November 2016 and vacate!!! I ask for nothing from them but their presence in my life. Eudalee11/27/16: I am unemployed and am looking for housing. 11/27/16: Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am going to present my Ph D proposal this December for a second time. Please pray for the Lord to give my dad strength and the doctors to figure out what is wrong and come up with a treatment to heal him. Please also pray that my husband's heart will soften and that he too will have compassion for me, my son, and our family. Magnolia11/26/16: Please pray for my healing and especially the binding of the deep emotional wounds of my broken heart, which is the hardest part to bear. Both families agreed and also planned to fix a marriage date by January. While talking to Jesus, please tell him to understand my situation and send Deepan back into my life. P.11/25/16: Please pray that I find a good job soon. Carmen11/25/16: Please pray for me as I can not go on too much longer: poor, and very lonely. Dominick11/25/16: Please pray for me and my family. Thank you Saint Jude, and may God’s light always shine upon you as I have seen it myself. 11/24/16: Please pray for my daughter, who has had an awful year with bullying at work, a failed relationship, and now could lose her new job after getting her first home. Carol11/24/16: Please pray for our family for strength. Katy11/24/16: Please protect me and everyone who is with God and me from the Enemy, all his devices and anyone on the bad side from incrimination or any weapon formed against us. Charles11/24/16: Please pray that my brother's heart will open, and that he will give the family the financial gifts from Dad ASAP. I am hurting inside as I lost my only child at 40, my mother and best friend, and my only sister within 2 years. Lord please here my cries for a new car and clothes. Carol11/24/16: Please pray intensely with Our Mother Mary for the following people to have a conversion. Please pray that Eric and Gerardo will stop harassing people at our job and getting away with it.

Please bring me the love of my life if that is God's will. Amen, Leah J.12/21/16: Please pray for my 2 brothers Jomel and Wesley. I will feel much better knowing I have people praying for her along with me. Can you please pray for her and for God to bless her? I hope and pray to God that she feels better once again because I'm really worried and scared for her. She doesn't have medical insurance like me and she's really far away. Carlos12/19/16: That Tony will text me and we will be close again forever. Send me the armor of Jesus' love around me all the time. I ask that you help those who pray for your help and guidance, especially those who use this wonderful venue for help and prayers. Give us the right words and strength to be heard and seen when others tear us down and marginalize our ideas and needs. May her soul, and the souls of all the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. I pray for my brothers Samuel and Thomas to have a good Thanksgiving while being away in a facility and group home. In Jesus' Precious Name, through Mary's intercession, and with the help of St. Blessings JMJ LM11/23/16: Permanent employment for Roger that is clearly God's will.11/23/16: God, answer all my prayers forever and always.

My heart has been ripped open once again after years of trying to move on. I hope they find in their hearts the love of a brother, not hatred for the longest time. Surgery is in the morning and thank you so much for your prayers and positive energy. Let me live for your glory with all my thoughts and actions. Maria12/20/16: Lord, please pray for my husband and me. Everyday I'm scared that I'm going to have divorce papers and that my family is going to be separated. I don't want her to get more badly ill, or she's going to die. The longer it takes for me to get her on a plane the longer it's going to be checking on her getting sick with all these things happening to her. May the angels, Holy Souls, and Saints intercede for us all, I humbly pray. O Gentlest Heart of Jesus, have mercy on the soul of Thy departed servant, my precious Daddy. Lastly, I pray for my mom, sister, and I to have a blessed Thanksgiving and blessed family life, and for many for blessings and thanksgivings to come. Valentina11/23/16: Please pray for my brother Dale. I need people to start tithing to my church so I can do your will. God, I need rice, beans, and food for the Mexico church trip this December 9th. Please God, help my church and churches, you know what I mean.

IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO POST THE SAME PRAYER REQUEST MORE THAN ONCE ON ANY GIVEN DAY. May his soul, and the souls of all the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace." Monique 11/28/16: Dear St. Yvette11/28/16: Pray for my parents, that they may be blessed with health, happiness, and peace of mind, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Jude, please help me with my job, that things get better for me. Carolyn11/28/16: In the name of Jesus, wash the souls of Vincent P., Querobina P., Christabel P., Girija K. In the name of Jesus, may my daddy’s frozen shoulder get alright; may my mother control her anger; may my sister pass the T. (She is an accountant and has made many studies and programs.) Please pray a lot because she needs a job very soon.

Please note as well that due to the large volume of prayer requests we receive, we cannot publish more than one post for prayer requests from the same person on any given day, except for those requests involving emergencies. Bsp12/17/16: For Arlene's recovery and my depression and guidance on career. Rita, I come to you today pleading with you to help my son get a modeling offer in California or a professional hockey career that will keep him away from our home town. Kanchana11/28/16: Dear God, in the name of the Holy Spirit could you please cure my psoriasis and arthritis, thank you! Please that my daughter makes better choices in her life, and that she and my granddaughter are safe, healthy, and happy. Jude, help me financially during this difficult time. Jude, and pray my family’s faith grows stronger every day. and all souls by the blood of Jesus; and may all souls go to heaven immediately after death. She has been expelled from the room where she was living (rented). Right now, she is living for a short time in a friend’s house.

As Pope Gregory the Great once wrote “He causes his prayers to be of more avail to himself who offers them also for others.” In other words, as our Lord said in Luke’s Gospel “Give and it shall be given to you” (Luke ). She has been such a comfort to us for the last 10 years, and we wish that she will be able to stay with us for many more years. Jason12/20/16: Dear God, please please help me find a job. I pray for you to help me find gainful work, as my job will be no longer available after the end of the year. My daughter took her to her pediatrician and he recommended that she see a pediatric neurologist. Please intercede with our Father on my behalf regarding my financial situation. May all our wonderful departed comrades, not the bad people, relax in Thine Eternal Resting Place. Help Margo find a great MFM job in the Raleigh Durham area. Richard12/20/16: Lord Jesus, please grant me some encouraging news about my son's end of the year thesis and his search for a job. Wish for all prayers to be heard and answered for all. Please let everything go really, really well and let Angela C. Alicia11/24/16: Pray for a happy and healthy life for me and my children, Musk, Ann and Devansh. Kathleen11/23/16: Please pray for my granddaughter who's in Kuwait! Pray for my entire family members because the devil is trying to destroy us all. Marquetta 11/23/16: Please pray that we may be able to turn our company around, increase profits to pay all the debts (banks and suppliers), and still have enough for our family to live comfortably and stress-free instead of constantly worrying.

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