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Shenandoah guitars were usually given the model number of the Martin guitar they resembled, superseded by the number 32.

For instance, the Shenandoah D-1832, is a D-18 copy, the D-2832, a D-28 copy and so on. The D-6032 which was made using Birdseye maple, the D-6732 which was Quilted Ash.

In 1990 Martin adapted its long-standing ecological policy.

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Shenandoah guitars can be dated by the 6 digit serial number stamped on the neck block inside of the instrument.

These numbers correspond with Martin's standard serial number listing which applies to Martin guitars as well.

It was adjustment by means of a screw that was mounted in the backside of the heel of the neck and the bolt extended into the neck block.

As it turns out, the adjustment device was very complicated and could slip while the strings were at full tension.

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The Dreadnought Guitar: The noted trademark of the CF Martin Company is the guitar shape they named after a large class of World War I British battleships.So this device was gradually phased out the use of this unique neck adjustment mechanism."X" Bracing: One of the most major and popular design innovations that Martin came up with as early as the 1850's was the 'X" structural bracing system for the guitar top.Because this innovation was so wildly popular, Martin decided to extend this feature to all models in their line of instruments.And as you well know, it has become the standard in the American guitar industry since that time.Steel string, classical nylon string and 12 string Shenandoah's were available.

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