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Note the complex structures and the different ways workers may depend on intermediaries. Slowdown bug hits sex workers in city Devjyot Ghoshal, 10 July 2009 Kolkata: The economic slowdown has affected nearly every profession, and the world’s oldest is no exception.Thousands of commercial sex workers in Sonagachi have been singed.

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Starved of clients and facing incremental hikes in the prices of contract rooms, Category B workers are being forced to charge less and work longer hours.

“Earlier, few Category B girls used to stand on the streets before 4 pm.

High-end rooms in Sonagachi can now cost anything between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per month.

“Since Category A girls can’t leave the brothels to get customers and have to give half of whatever they earn to the mistresses, many are moving into Category B, where they pay a fixed amount,” Rekha explained.

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For Sonagachhi’s elite, the paucity of patrons is especially difficult to contend with, as most either have to pay a flat 50% to their mistresses or shell out a substantial amount for renting a room.

With profits plunging, those under mistresses are increasingly moving out of that system, despite room rents having doubled in five years.

In recent years, the steady movement of women into the area from the districts and elsewhere has resulted in a space crunch.

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