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Like speed dating, I guess there’s a rushed, mechanical quality to the process. But if it speeds up the courtship and you end up with a decent match, what’s wrong with that?

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Photo: i Stockphoto/grinvalds If you’ve been in the throes of on-campus interviews, you’re probably sick of the game by now.

Although those sessions usually last no more than 20 or 25 minutes, they often feel like slow torture.

I remember a partner who told me that talking to me was a complete waste of time because my grades weren’t high enough for his firm.

He then railed against my law school (NYU) because it didn’t allow firms to prescreen students for grades.

So how about speeding up the process and cutting to the chase, with booze, no less?

New York’s Herrick Feinstein (a firm of about 140 lawyers with profits per partner of 0,000) is doing just that.

(Fun fact: This firm went belly up.) Even if you get an interview with a congenial hiring partner, multiple sessions in one day can be exhausting.

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