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Although they may be shy, they aren't insecure, if that makes sense. Not everyone within a ten mile radius needs to know that we're involved, or exactly how involved we are.

They'll still act shy, but you'll know why it is they're acting that way. For all my liberal ideas and big talking (and I do believe in everyone's right to be as sexual as they choose, without being judged for it, just to clarify), I am actually a very, very modest person. I've met far more Korean men, in fact, who are more likely to beg you just get into the damn taxi with them and find a love motel than who are interested in taking you home to meet their mother. That's because a huge percentage of the Korean men I've met have been drunk as hell and in a bar at closing time.

And you can be damn sure no Korean guy is going to be showing up to a date in sweatpants without a fresh shave. And that is so fucking important when you're looking at getting involved in a relationship with someone.

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I have a feeling quite a few people will be quite surprised to hear some of this coming out of me. I've spent far, far too much time around second language speakers to have even an ounce of condescension toward it left in me. They're doing something that I have never been able to do, something I desperately want to be able to do in Korean. And the truth is, there's nothing I find sexier than a man I have to admit is, in any way, smarter than I am.

But I'm going to do my best to lay that aside, and be really honest. Of course, this isn't a part of Korean dating culture, but it definitely plays a role in inter/// dating. What these particular types don't like to face is that a lot of us women are so fucking relieved to get outside of the stereotypes.

For the most part, with a Korean man, you know exactly where you stand.

They aren't, generally, good at being "just friends" with women, and they'll make no qualms about making it known when they're interested, in general.

They'll refill your drink before you even get to the bottom, notice if you shiver or seem uncomfortable in your seat, and immediately do something to rectify the situation. They generally have an appreciation for that that I've rarely seen matched in any other culture. A personal expression, a little effort here or there. At the end of the day, I will always take the ordinary looking guy who can keep my interest in conversation over the tall, dark and handsome mister in a suit who bores me to absolute tears when he opens his mouth.

They won't be looking around at other girls, and they certainly won't get lost in conversation with each other. Call me a fucking princess, if you want, but I like it. I think Korean culture, in general, takes it too far, sets the bar too high and negates too many other things in favor of the external. I get tired of hearing, I can't come out tonight because I have to stay with my mom.I think things can get way too complicated way too fast when you get into the physical stuff so soon. And I don't need to worry about some guy either chucking me into the friend zone, or deciding to act like an asshat and make demands that are going to get him absolutely nowhere, while I'm taking my time making up my mind. Basically, while me and the kid were out with a couple of gentlemen, we found ourselves suddenly playing with our drinks and rolling our eyes at each other in boredom, as the two fellas chatted on and on and on about, of all things, video games. You're out with two girls and you're going to forego that situation to have the same conversation you have everyday sitting on the couch in your flat together?In general, in , the first kiss comes sometime after the first night together would come in Western culture. I looked the kid straight in the eye and said, "There is no way in hell this would ever happen in ...."Korean guys are not about to let the ladies sit there looking bored. You can sound the hypocrite alarm if you want to, but it has less to do with thinking anything is cute (in fact, it has nothing to do with thinking anything is cute), and more to do with the fact that I just really, really like the way second language speakers talk. And there's something in the way that a second language speaker will come at conveying an idea at times that just strikes me as purely beautiful.A lot of Western guys love to take digs on this one, don't they? I like that Korean men aren't afraid to cuddle up to their buddies. I like that I've noticed a tendency, by and large, to just come out with some random, whimsical thought they've just had, without any fear of being perceived as poncey or, god forbid, "gay".In fact, they'll rarely take their focus off of them for the entire night. But hey, at least I'm not a height snob or something else like that, that a guy doesn't even have a chance of fixing. I don't give a fuck if a guy is 5'6, and I don't care for people carrying on about it like it matters.

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