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MUTABARUKA: well, if you feel to celebrate black history month one month out of a year, then we have a serious problem.My life is a total celebration of black history… but the month of February is used to reflect on the contribution that African people have made in history.MUTABARUKA: I don't give credence to Africa dying, because of topographical map of Africa, on the contrary, it would appear to me that African leaders are now coming to grips with the reality that confronts Africa in relationship to its economical, political and social solutions rohan: yo Muta yuh tink seh Jamaica is becoming more conscious?

The Jesus Christ as taught in the Western world is a mythological figure based on Greek and roman mythology, the things that are attributed to Jesus Christ in western Christendom, got their origin from Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology. MUTABARUKA: yeh, well we have a CD the ultimate collection after the Melanin man, plus we did produce a compilation of some of our roots artistes, including roots, culture, big youth, diamonds, mystic revelation and Rastafari Pablo Moses. nattyb: Greetings Muta glenzil: One day I hope you can travel to Australia to give your reasonings here.

foodie: Muta, is there any new CD/album coming out soon. MUTABARUKA: greetings prinja: Muta, what is biggest difference between the youth in Jamaica today and twenty yrs. MUTABARUKA: I have been to Australia already… in the city of Perth…we hope one day we will be able to come to Sydney and Melbourne The RAS elijah: they say Africa is Greek for an object or thing Muta...

MUTABARUKA: the concept of bunning Jah is a long one, you would have to understand the concept behind it, but if you want to contact me I can give you my number in JA.

the number is 9294651 melchezidek: Muta, how you feel about the fire the new DJ's a bun ?

The Christians have left out the woman and turned her into a ghost.

The ankh is a symbol of life, and the ankh represents the totality of man and woman rohan: How do you feel about us celebrating our black history one month out of the year like the Americans?

Christ is a concept not an individual… we make the mistake into believing that Christ is Jesus' surname… when in actual fact the concept of Christ existed before the man the Christians call Jesus.

melchezidek: What I don't understand is how dem bun Christ, but yet still Selassie was a Christian. MUTABARUKA: we have to understand when a man seh bun Jesus Christ what he defined Jesus as… if you should close your eyes now and picture an image in your mind of this Jesus that you speak of, I will bet you that the painting of the Italian painter Michael Angelo comes to mind.

Fri Feb 11, 2000 PM MUTABARUKA: Greetings to all the online visitors, this is Mutabaruka coming to you from IRIE FM and Home View in Kingston Jamaica pia2: Muta! where in Australia are you writing from pia2: and from NJ nancy: greetings from California john: Big up Muta daniel: Isis Muta and maximum respect, everytime....

MUTABARUKA: yes, what is the question, Muta Muta Muta I see, but what is the question rohan:big up Muta Lo La:hi muta The ras elijah: greetings Mutabaruka it is an honour coming from Toronto, Canada MUTABARUKA: yeh give thanks for the big up, hi Lola glenzil: Greetings from Australia Lo La: Toronto in di house MUTABARUKA: greetings to the Australian, its nice to hear from Australia, greetings to the Toronto based as well….

MUTABARUKA: Greetings to the person from NJ and from Ca, maximum respect to Daniel also Eleanor: Muta, do you have a web site?

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