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Thus, the ratio of the daughter to non-radiogenic isotope will become larger with time, while the ratio of parent to daughter will become smaller.For rocks that start out with a small concentration of the parent, the daughter/non-radiogenic ratio will not change quickly as compared to rocks starting with a large concentration of the parent.

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Indeed the initial amount of the daughter product can be determined using isochron dating.

This technique can be applied if the daughter element has at least one stable isotope other than the daughter isotope into which the parent nuclide decays.

As time goes on, some amount of the parent decays into the radiogenic isotope of the daughter, increasing the ratio of the concentration of the radiogenic isotope to that of the daughter.

The greater the initial concentration of the parent, the greater the concentration of the radiogenic daughter isotope will be at some particular time.

To perform mineral isochron dating, a rock is separated into several different minerals with different ratios between parent and daughter concentrations.

For each mineral, the ratios are related by the following equation: respectively correspond to the concentrations of parent, daughter and non-radiogenic isotopes found in the rock at the time of measurement.

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Isochron dating is a common technique of radiometric dating and is applied to date certain events, such as crystallization, metamorphism, shock events, and differentiation of precursor melts, in the history of rocks.

All forms of isochron dating assume that the source of the rock or rocks contained unknown amounts of both radiogenic and non-radiogenic isotopes of the daughter element, along with some amount of the parent nuclide.

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