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The sole legislative purpose for enacting this part is to ensure that every speech-language pathologist and audiologist practicing in this state meets minimum requirements for safe practice in this state. An applicant for an audiologist license who has obtained a doctoral degree in audiology has satisfied the education and supervised clinical requirements of paragraph (a) and the professional experience requirements of paragraph (b). In any proceeding under this paragraph, neither the record of proceedings nor the orders entered by the board shall be used against a respiratory care practitioner or respiratory therapist in any other proceeding. The board shall be composed of five members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, two of whom shall have been actively and principally engaged as auctioneers for a period of not less than 5 years preceding their appointment, one of whom shall be a principal of an auction company, and two of whom shall be laypersons. The board shall receive and act upon applications for auctioneer, apprentice, and auction business licenses and shall have the power to issue, suspend, and revoke such licenses and to take such other action as is necessary to carry out the provisions of this act. The department shall issue a license by endorsement to practice auctioneering to an applicant who, upon applying to the department and remitting the required fee, set by the board, demonstrates to the board that he or she satisfies the requirements of s.It is the legislative intent that speech-language pathologists and audiologists who fall below minimum competencies or who otherwise present a danger to the public health and safety be prohibited from practicing in this state. Holds a valid license or certificate in another state or territory of the United States to practice the profession for which the application for licensure is made, if the criteria for issuance of such license were substantially equivalent to or more stringent than the licensure criteria which existed in this state at the time the license was issued; or The board may refuse to certify any applicant who is under investigation in any jurisdiction for an act which would constitute a violation of this part or chapter 456 until the investigation is complete and disciplinary proceedings have been terminated. The board may enter an order denying licensure or imposing any of the penalties in s. Any person seeking a license as an auctioneer must pass a written examination approved by the board which tests his or her general knowledge of the laws of this state relating to provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code that are relevant to auctions, the laws of agency, and the provisions of this act. 468.385(3) and holds a valid license to practice auctioneering in another state, provided that the requirements for licensure in that state are substantially equivalent to or more stringent than those existing in this state.No provision of this part shall be construed to limit the practice of persons licensed in this state from engaging in the professions for which they are licensed, so long as they do not hold themselves out to the public as possessing a license or certificate issued pursuant to this part or use a title protected by this part. The board, by rule, shall establish fees to be paid for application, examination, reexamination, licensing and renewal, reinstatement, and recordmaking and recordkeeping. The department shall renew a license or certificate upon receipt of the renewal application, renewal fee, and proof satisfactory to the board that the licensee or certificateholder has completed the continuing education requirements established by the board. 456.072(2) against any applicant for licensure or licensee who is found guilty of violating any provision of subsection (1) of this section or who is found guilty of violating any provision of s. The board shall not reinstate licensure, or cause a license to be issued to a person it has deemed unqualified, until such time as it is satisfied that such person has complied with all the terms and conditions set forth in the final order and that the respiratory care practitioner or respiratory therapist is capable of safely engaging in the delivery of respiratory care services. Each apprentice application and license shall name a licensed auctioneer who has agreed to serve as the supervisor of the apprentice. The endorsement and reciprocity provisions of this section shall apply to auctioneers only and not to professions or occupations regulated by other statutes.

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The rules shall further require that licensed audiologists make available to prospective purchasers information regarding telecoils, “t” coils, or “t” switches. The board shall adopt and enforce rules necessary to carry out the provisions of this subsection and subsection (6). Set up procedures by rule for advising and acting together with the Department of Health and other boards of other health professions in matters affecting procedures and methods for effectively enforcing the purpose of this part and the administration of chapters 400 and 429. However, this does not prohibit advanced payment of a flat fee.

These rules shall be effective on or before October 1, 1994 Any duly authorized officer or employee of the department shall have the right to make such inspections and investigations as are necessary in order to determine the state of compliance with the provisions of this section and the applicable rules and may enter the premises of a licensee and inspect the records of same upon reasonable belief that a violation of this law is being or has been committed or that the licensee has failed or is failing to comply with the provisions of this part. Any person desiring to be licensed as a nursing home administrator shall apply to the department to take the licensure examination. All advertising by an auctioneer or auction business shall include the name and Florida license number of such auctioneer and auction business.

Each applicant for licensure as an audiologist must demonstrate, prior to licensure, a minimum of 11 months of full-time professional employment, or the equivalent in part-time professional employment. The temporary license is valid until the results of the examination are certified by the board and the applicant is The cost of examination shall be borne by the licensee being examined. Auctions of collateral, sales conducted to enforce carriers’ or warehousemen’s liens, sales of the contents of self-contained storage units, bulk sales, sales of goods by a presenting bank following dishonor of a documentary draft, resales of rightfully rejected goods, or resales conducted pursuant to law, if the auction is conducted by the owner or agent of the lien on or interest in such goods. The board by rule may establish application, examination, licensure, renewal, and other reasonable and necessary fees, based upon the department’s estimate of the costs to the board in administering this act.

Every applicant for licensure as a speech-language pathologist must demonstrate, prior to licensure, a minimum of 9 months of full-time professional employment, or the equivalent in part-time professional employment. The applicant must take and pass the next laws and rules examination offered in this state following issuance of a temporary license. In enforcing this paragraph, the department shall, upon probable cause, have authority to compel a respiratory care practitioner or respiratory therapist to submit to a mental or physical examination by physicians designated by the department. 618.01(1) or the equipment or tools used to produce or market such products, if the auction is conducted at a farm or ranch where the products are produced or where the equipment and tools are used or at an auction facility that sells primarily agricultural products. However, a new license fee shall not be required and credit shall be awarded for training received or any period of apprenticeship served under the previous sponsor.

Nonlicensed persons working in a hospital setting who provide newborn infant hearing screenings, so long as training, clinical interpretation of the screenings, and the protocol for followup of infants who fail in-hospital screenings are provided by a licensed audiologist.“Practice of audiology” means the application of principles, methods, and procedures for the prevention, identification, evaluation, consultation, habilitation, rehabilitation, instruction, treatment, and research, relative to hearing and the disorders of hearing, and to related language and speech disorders. Individuals who are required to hold a provisional license under paragraph (a) shall apply to the department and be certified by the board for licensure prior to initiating the professional employment experience required pursuant to s. Received a master’s degree or has completed the academic requirement of a doctoral degree program with a major emphasis in speech-language pathology from an institution of higher learning that is, or at the time the applicant was enrolled and graduated was, accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or its successor or the United States Department of Education, or from an institution that is a member in good standing with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. An audiologist or speech-language pathologist who employs a speech-language assistant or audiology assistant must provide the assistant with a plan approved by the board for on-the-job training and must maintain responsibility for all services performed by the assistant. If the sale is absolute and has been announced or advertised as such, an article or lot may not be withdrawn from sale once a bid has been accepted.

“Disorders” are defined to include any and all conditions, whether of organic or nonorganic origin, peripheral or central, that impede the normal process of human communication, including, but not limited to, disorders of auditory sensitivity, acuity, function, or processing, or damage to the integrity of the physiological system. An applicant who graduated from or is currently enrolled in a program at a university or college outside the United States or Canada must present documentation of the determination of equivalency of the program to standards established by an accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or its successor or the United States Department of Education in order to qualify. The board, by rule, shall establish minimum education and on-the-job training and supervision requirements for certification as a speech-language pathology assistant or audiology assistant. If no bid is received within a reasonable time, the item or lot may be withdrawn.

Offer, render, plan, direct, conduct, consult, or supervise services to individuals or groups of individuals who have or are suspected of having disorders of hearing, including prevention, identification, evaluation, treatment, consultation, habilitation, rehabilitation, instruction, and research. Knowledge of the nature of speech, language, hearing, and communication disorders and differences and swallowing disorders, including their etiologies, characteristics, anatomical or physiological, acoustic, psychological, developmental, and linguistic and cultural correlates, voice and resonance, including respiration and phonation, receptive and expressive language in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and manual modalities, hearing, including the impact on speech and language, swallowing, cognitive aspects of communication, social aspects of communication, and communication modalities. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any student, intern, or trainee performing speech-language pathology or audiology services while completing the supervised clinical experience as required in s. Appropriate testing to determine speech reception thresholds, speech discrimination scores, the most comfortable listening levels, uncomfortable loudness levels, and the selection of the best fitting arrangement for maximum hearing aid benefit when indicated. If an auction has been advertised as absolute, no bid shall be accepted from the owner of the property or from someone acting on behalf of the owner unless the right to bid is specifically permitted by law.

Conduct and interpret tests of vestibular function and nystagmus, electrophysiologic auditory-evoked potentials, central auditory function, and calibration of measurement equipment used for such purposes. Knowledge of the principles and methods of prevention, assessment, and intervention for people having communication and swallowing disorders, including consideration of anatomical or physiological, psychological, developmental, and linguistic and cultural correlates of the disorders, articulation, fluency, voice and resonance, receptive and expressive communication, hearing, swallowing, cognitive aspects of communication, social aspects of communication, and communication modalities. A licensed audiologist who fits and sells hearing aids shall obtain the following medical clearance: If, upon inspection of the ear canal with an otoscope in the common procedure of fitting a hearing aid and upon interrogation of the client, there is any recent history of infection or any observable anomaly, the client shall be instructed to see a physician, and a hearing aid shall not be fitted until medical clearance is obtained for the condition noted. The auction business under which the auction is conducted is responsible for all other aspects of the auction as required by board rule.

A person who fails an examination may make application for reexamination to the appropriate examining entity. A respiratory care practitioner or respiratory therapist affected under this paragraph shall at reasonable intervals be afforded an opportunity to demonstrate that she or he can resume the competent delivery of respiratory care services with reasonable skill and safety to her or his patients. There is created in the department the Florida Board of Auctioneers. However, no local government or local agency may charge any other fee for the practice of auctioneering or require any auctioneer’s license in addition to the license required by this part.

A person desiring to be licensed as a speech-language pathologist or an audiologist shall apply to the appropriate examining entity for examination. The failure of a respiratory care practitioner or respiratory therapist to submit to such an examination when so directed constitutes an admission of the allegations against her or him, upon which a default and a final order may be entered without the taking of testimony or presentation of evidence, unless the failure was due to circumstances beyond her or his control. Auctions conducted by a person enrolled in a class at an approved school of auctioneering, for the purpose of training and receiving instruction, under the direct supervision of an auctioneer who is also an instructor in the school and who further assumes full and complete responsibility for the activities of the student. An auctioneer shall obtain a local occupational license, if required, in the jurisdiction in which his or her permanent business or branch office is located.

Persons certified in the areas of speech-language impairment or hearing impairment in this state under chapter 1012 when engaging in the profession for which they are certified, or any person under the direct supervision of such a certified person, or of a licensee under this chapter, when the person under such supervision is performing hearing screenings in a school setting for prekindergarten through grade 12. The board shall establish fees which are adequate to ensure continued operation of the board and to fund the proportionate expenses incurred by the department in carrying out its licensure and other related responsibilities under this part. The board may prescribe by rule continuing education, not to exceed 60 hours biennially in each area of licensure or certification, as a condition for renewal of a license or a certificate. Such guidelines may include minimum and maximum fines, periods of supervision on probation, or conditions upon probation or reissuance of a The supervisor shall regularly review the apprentice’s records, which are required by the board to be maintained, to determine if such records are accurate and current. Each auction must be conducted under the auspices of a licensed auction business.

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