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(November 2009) , unlike Face Time, will work over 3G in addition to Wi-Fi.

I briefly installed the application and looked at some of its sample content, and the video quality was decent enough.

Indeed, as soon as the i Phone 4’s video calling capabilities were announced ads went up on Craigslist to recruit people willing to get naked in front of strangers using either the front- or, ahem, rear-facing cameras.

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It’s Apple’s own fault for having made such a song and dance about keeping its App Store squeaky clean. Prudish Apple no doubt hopes this attention will all, ahem, blow quietly over – but where there’s salaciousness and licentiousness and naked people doing bad things, the internet will always be greatly interested.

Mi Kandi's new Sex Chat Live application (video, NSFW) allows you to have intimate video calls with adult sex workers in the privacy of your own home and on the Android device of your choice. If you ask any i Phone 4 user what one of their most favorite features of their new smartphone is, chances are, they'll probably say either the Retina Display or Face Time, a built-in VOIP application that allows for 1 to 1 video chat over Wi-Fi connections using the i Phone 4's front-facing VGA video camera with other i Phone 4 users.

A father forcing his daughter to crack a smile so he can see her braces.

A woman telling her husband that she’s finally pregnant.

While the reaction for most people is, “Awww,” the reaction of the porn industry was, “Yay, a new thing that we can put vaginason!

” And so, despite Apple’s moral crusade to keep smut off of its phones, plans are already in the works for Face Time porn.Still, for what Android currently lacks in technology , a free application which allows for one-on-one paid video chats between the receiver and adult sex workers streamed from Babe Chat Live, an established video sex chat business based in the UK.Also Read: Will The Adult Industry Drive Android Adoption?A spokesman for Pink Visual told the Associated Press that it’ll cost you around a minute for the pleasure.The UK’s porn industry seems to be a little behind the curve on this one, or perhaps they’re just being sneakier about it – you know, a secret handshake and a covert £50 note changing hands – but no doubt a burgeoning Face Time sex chat scene is already on its way.It’s not without its challenges though, Face Time sexy time.

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