Ink dating analysis

These impressions are the result of the preparation of writing on a document while in contact with the examined page of paper.The content of indented impressions and the identity of their source can allow for the determination of the sequence of preparation of different documents.All of these situations are actual cases in which Federal Forensic Associates, Inc.

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The Last Will and Testament which is found to contain an ink formulation not commercially available until years after the supposed preparation date can prove the fraudulence of the instrument.

The diary maintained by a victim of sexual harassment may be proven authentic as a contemporaneous record of events through analysis of the ink.

When you think a document is "too good to be true", it probably is.

With advances in technology many documents which could not be analyzed just 5 years ago are possible sources of important information.

This characterization allows for a determination of common origin or source.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy is a molecular spectroscopy which is used to characterize both organic and inorganic evidence.This information can help determine the number of different writing instruments used to prepare a given entry or the relative age of an entry in comparison with other writings.Electrostatic Detection Apparatus is a methodology used to detect and visualize the indented impressions present on a page of paper.Its uses range from differentiation of toner samples, which indicates the use of multiple xerographic machines, to the detection of specific inorganic components in paper or pencil, which would aid in the determination of common origin.The Atomic Force Microscopy allows for discrimination of surface features at the atomic level.It is used for the characterization of toner materials and can give information regarding the age of xerographically produced documents.

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