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Dad was a tall, handsome man who made friends easily--everyone was his buddy.

He was a construction worker, and often had to leave town to go to where the jobs were.

I quickly discovered that boys found me just as irresistible as men did my mom.

I guess I felt that it was mostly Dad's fault anyway, since he was gone so much and because he liked to spend his money at strip clubs, but, as long as Mom treated him as well as she did, I had no gripes.

Since we were so much alike my Mom tried to keep a close watch on me, she knew I was trouble.

At night, I'd lie in bed rubbing my furry little slit as I dreamed about Peter North or Tom Byron fucking my cunt then cumming all over my face.

Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, and (my dad had all their movies, I think) became my idols.

My mom and dad had what could be called, at best, a tempestuous marriage.

They loved each other like crazy (they're still married to this day), but fought constantly.

Alone at home one day, I'd inadvertently unearthed Dad's stack of porno movies and adult novels while looking for a flashlight in his closet.

I quickly became addicted to the raunchy material, and would race home every day after school, before my brother got home, and read one of the books or watch one of the movies, rubbing my hard little clit until I came, shaking like a leaf.

Mom never made that an issue, but I knew it bugged my dad at times.

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