Hearing aids and dating

Here are some of the best tips, advice, and stories you shared: Do you prefer to date someone with hearing loss?

In my experience dating someone with hearing loss comes with a slew of personal politics.

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Your potential partners need help making that first connection.

Unsure how to tell a new love interest that you have a hearing loss? Luckily, a little planning can go a long way toward giving you confidence on the dating scene.

I didn’t let my dates know right away about my hearing loss for fear of being rejected but in hindsight I feel that fear was unfounded and all in my head.

It was a self esteem issue I felt self conscious in my teen years and early 20′s. I wish I had a mentor growing up it would have helped so much!

If we date consistently, then I will tell him/her later after 3 or so dates.

I do this way so I can allow him/her get to know me as a person better without hearing loss before learning a great deal about my hearing loss as I believe my personality is what makes me who I am the most.

In online dating situations, many people will just assume that it will be hard to communicate with someone with a hearing loss and will not continue communicating or attempting a date once knowing this information.

If he wants to call me before the first date, then I mention that I am hearing impaired and may ask him to repeat himself often.

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