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Don’t learn to manage symptoms when you can get rid of them for Orlando it is likely you are at the end of your rope and need assistance.Many individuals seek therapy to learn how to cope with a multitude of problems in their lives.I work to identify the family’s strengths and develop a strategy that uses those strengths to solve their problems.

Seek to get rid of the blocks and negative patterns in your life.

Understand how your emotions and thoughts produce the dramatic events and nightmares you tell yourself.

Understanding how to effectively parent, utilize positive reinforcement and addressis all a part of working with children and helping them to develop a set of tools that will help set them up for success.

In child counseling it more about understanding the nonverbal that helps us to really understand what our children are trying to express and convey to us.

I work with teens to help build a bridge when it comes toinvolves the therapist in a more delicate dance and needs to be handled gently.

Children communicate in a much different way then teens.

Coping skills and setting boundaries is great for most therapist but are of no interest to me.

That is doing a great disservice to your spirit and who you are.

Addressing mental heath related issues as well as substance abuse and behavioral addiction.

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