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More » Multicultural Match focuses on Australians looking to date people of different ethnic backgrounds.

It shares the same database as Interracial Match and Successful Match, thus will have a larger than average member base.

More than 8% of all marriages in Australia come from a first date at RSVP, and more than 1200 singles sign up daily according to Nielsen Netview Online.

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Another geographically targeted chat popup showed up immediately however when I looked at the blog -- the only reason why I can't wholeheartedly recommend the site. More » Connect-Me was the first of all the dating sites I reviewed for this article that showed recent updates, including a prominently displayed coupon code for a year's free access.

More » Although the site's name shares automatically which geographical region it caters too, I didn't get the impression it mattered when I visited: a chat popup showed up as soon as the site came onto my screen with a note from a pretty girl saying she loved 'guys from my area' (insert my town name for area), and did I want to chat? Although I wanted more information on the About Us page before signing up, I was impressed with their commitment to keeping fake profiles off their system.

Seems to house a well-rounded group of ages and ethnicities. I wanted to like this dating site - it's got a clean look and obviously fairly new - but unfortunately there just isn't enough information about the company to compell me (or suggest to you) to sign up.

Their About Us page shows a woeful message ("Australia’s leading online dating website.") and nothing more, and their blog hasn't been updated since late 2010.

Recommended, although I'd love to hear from readers like you about their experiences with Connect-Me.

Around since 2006, but not a very well-trafficked free Australian dating site, as evidenced by the forums (many sections display the most recently posted items from a year or more prior to viewing).

Non-refundable stamp costs range from A.58 to A.65 depending on how many you purchase at once.

More » Beautiful, well laid out dating site for Christian Australians looking for long term relationships leading to marriage.

Lots of positive media coverage, many happy couples grace the pages of their site, and the terms, conditions and fees aren't hard to find or otu of most people's price range (-25.95/month depending on how long you want to subscribe for). More » A specific entry point for Australian singles, focuses on their matchmaking system and singles over 35 that want long term relationships leading to marriage.

Fees range depending on how long you register for, anywhere from .99 USD to .95 USD a month.

Owned by Australians for Australian singles, I-Voo-Doo wants to offer their members authentic profiles of people looking for a date, love, or something in between.

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